Tairseach Eorpach na hÓige
Eolas agus deiseanna do dhaoine óga ar fud na hEorpa.

Tonight I sleep in ...

“Esta noche duermo en…”
“Esta noche duermo en…”
Are you preparing your trip? Do you know where you're staying? Want to know what we offer? Well, go ahead ... Begin your journey!

Have you ever dreamed of staying in a medieval castle, a former collegiate church, a refuge in the mountains or by the sea ...?, Because now you can fulfill it. Grab your backpack and try it.
If you like traveling to a comfortable and cheap price, using youth hostels.
At global level there is a network called http://www.hostelsenelmundo.com/ hostels where you can find many places to stay overnight.
Shelters are places where you can stay at a very affordable price. The hostelling can be carried out by young people (under 30 years), adults, families or groups. To use the shelters there is no age limit, but priority is given to young people under 26.
The membership card
To use this type of accommodation you must have the membership card of the net that you can get in the same hostel, or in schools or youth information points in your country.
So that you can issue the card, it is just enough to have your identity card or your passport, make the payment of the corresponding fee, and it will be issued at the moment. The validity of the card will be of one year. You can also do this through the management Web page http://www.hostelpack.com.
The prices of the cards today are:

-Youth under 26 - 6 €
-Youth 26 to 30 years - 13 €
-Card group - 16 €
-Family card - € 26
Where are the shelters?
The hostelling is international and has a network of very large youth hostels worldwide. The international network has more than 4000 different sites http://www.hihostels.com/. In Spain it offers more than 250 shelters that you can book online through www.reaj.com page.
To select a hostel:
You must choose the places you wish to visit, activities you want to do (cultural, environmental, active tourism ...) and depending on your choice you should select the hostel within a city, in the countryside, etc. You should always check that there is a shelter with the network distinctive "Hostelling International" and get informed about how many days you can stay overnight at the hostel, since it depends on the place there is a maximum of days.

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