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Sleeping in airports, train or bus stations: useful tips

Dormir en el aeropuerto, estación de tren o autobuses: consejos útiles
Dormir en el aeropuerto, estación de tren o autobuses: consejos útiles
Are you taking a flight, bus or train at an inconvenient time? Not enough budget to book a room? Consider then to spend the night in an airport or a station.

Before you think about to spend the night in an airport/station, you can look for other free possibilities like couchsurfing (see the article dedicated to it in this Portal) or cheap like a youth hostel. But if you decide sleep overnight in an airport/station you must be sure you are not going to rest very much. Besides that this choice is the less bad when you have no budget or your train/bus/train departures at a time where you cannot find transport to arrive to take it.

It is possible to sleep in a great number of airports/stations all over the world, and of course also in Spain. You can save money and/or, even more important, not to miss your travel.

The most important airport/stations in Spain are open the whole day. The ones in smallest cities close some hours during the night. It is convenient to check in advance the closing times.

Perhaps you think it’s a very trite thing to talk again about the most useful tips about to sleep overnight in those places, but they are very important advices you must bear on mind. Here are some of them:
•    Bring with you a mat, sleeping bag… easy to fold up.
•    Do not forget a wide selection of magazines, books, mp3, audios, radio… The night will be shorter.
•    Look for a area with video cameras. Do not leave your luggage unattended: chain it to your leg/arm if it is necessary.
•    Alarm-clock or mobile to wake you up if you do not want to miss your train/bus/flight.
•    Sunglasses, eyeshades, ear plugs… to avoid light or noises of people or loud announcements.
•    Dress comfortable, do not forget water, snacks, towels/tissues…. And pay attention!, Vicks’s vapour rub under your nose to block out bad odours.
•    Very important: always have a Plan B. Something can go wrong. Be ready to find another place or alternative.

You can find all of this tips and others, airports, train and bus stations in which you can snuggle overnight in the web Blogs of good travelers are also useful. Other links of interest:


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Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Purchena

Published: Tue, 20/08/2013 - 09:13

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