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Canada, a large country with a large number of opportunities

Canadá, un amplio país con amplias posibilidades
Canadá, un amplio país con amplias posibilidades
Together with a large group of countries in the European Union, North America has become a destination that is included in many of the consultations and travel plans of any young man who is planning a new direction to its formative or working stage with an eye abroad

If this is your case, this article provides you with the key elements to consider when planning your journey and your stay in one of the largest countries in the world, specifically the second in size, and characterized by its cultural diversity, environmental richness, its high standard of living and a university education that has become the envy of other countries around the world: Canada
There are about 35 million people living in Canada, spread over an area of 9,984,670 square kilometers, which puts it in the second position of the largest countries in the world. Being on many occasions eclipsed by its neighbour, the United States, openness and cultural diversity of citizenship, its democratic essence, its ability to receive with open arms anyone who comes to their lands for the first time, its natural beautiful scenery marked by extreme weather in many of its regions, and its high standard of living that allows access to an optimum labour market and to one of the most attractive university systems make the country an attractive destination for anyone that begins a new stage. Taking into account that the development of a language is often one of the causes that drives us to travel to foreign countries, this North American country has two official languages: English and French, which doubles the chances to practice and increase the level of our language training.
Going to Canada is not a bureaucratic maze if you come from Spain and Andorra, whose citizens do not need visas to enter the country as tourists, yet there are different requirements that apply if you want to study or work in this country. Before starting any type of travel we recommend that you get every possible bit of information on the conditions of entry as a student or employee (http://goo.gl/mcHh2). Note that the Spanish are the third largest group of immigrants from southern Europe, characterized by the youth of its members.
If you intend to complete your studies or start a new academic training in any Canadian schools, you must know that the prestige of the Canadian universities has evolved together with the country's economic level. One of the appeals which can help you make a decision is that Canadian universities have one of the lowest tuition costs for students in the world, together with many programs that promote conciliation between work and study. Each year over 200,000 international students come to this country and become part of their student population. You must have a visa to enter Canada as a student and once there you may qualify for various programs and scholarships that support your choice, although it is always necessary to check out all the options and choose your curriculum before coming to Canada.
If you have decided to come to Canada as a way to expand your business horizons, you have chosen a destination that will make available to you numerous itineraries which you can access according to your training and professional profile. Thus, with a specialized profile and high level of language performance you can take part in the in the Qualified Professionals Emigration Program, which gives access to a permanent residence card. If you have come to the country to study and have obtained your degree here, you can extend your stay through the Canadian Experience Category. For qualified workers and other workers included in a accessible list, you can consider staying at the Canadian immigration program for qualified workers. In any case, if you come from Spain, check with the embassy of Canada the different job offers and their possible conditions, which will make your arrival in the country easier.
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