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Our youth

Nuestra juventud
Nuestra juventud
Our youth has moved to the forefront in our society., Their power and influence is far greater today than a few years ago and are certainly the youth who constitute an important sector within the community.

We are in a society infected by the youth, they impose their speech, their fashions, tastes and hobbies in our society.
Today they are the main consumers of certain products. Its economic power is evident because they spend money on items very striking and novel, and its consumption is concentrated mainly in certain market sectors.
Their demands have become important and its activities, which are increasingly spread by the media, the press, television, radio, tend to create stereotypes of young people, reports the idea of "typical girl" and it seems that it does not fit that image is as abnormal.
Our youth are increasingly prepared to adapt to the world that they have to live, read more, study more than in times of their parents. Clearly the number of young people attending schools, colleges, arts and crafts centers, universities, etc.. With all this creates a great sense of community and a new sensitivity to feel the social injustices around them.
Young people show a remarkable sympathy for the values they represent social movements like pacifism, feminism, environmentalism, third world aid, volunteers, NGOs, or anti-globalization and are increasingly those involved in such causes.
Today's youth is going through a period of crisis, not a crisis either. His experience is a constant risk and unambiguous question affects your thinking, acting and feeling. Youth postmodern, post-materialistic, compolita, connected to the Internet and collective concerns is youth century global.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Junta de Comunidades Castilla La Mancha


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