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Eolas agus deiseanna do dhaoine óga ar fud na hEorpa.

The Moroccan Youth, so far... so close

Morocco, a different country in the look of European youth. The traveller who visits for the first time this country is delighted and amazed from the outset by its landscapes, its people and its exotic culture to our western eyes

Initially emphasizes its traditional society, who lives in a parallel reality but real and contemporary to our lifes.

While it may seem we present tourists a foot that the situation has not changed and that North Africa is anchored in the middle ages, "The times they are a-changing" as Dylan said: something is happening in Morocco. The youth daily and constant struggle allows that change in culture go seating, not in vain is already spoken of an Arab spring. However, I would not speak here for free policy but I focus on the collective us interesting, Moroccan youth.

To learn more about the lifestyle and attitudes of young people it´s necessary to have two important factors: the residence and gender. In Morocco we are a rural environment that contributes to youth attitudes and traditional behaviors in terms of marriage, culinary tastes, costumes, family planning, and lifestyle. With respect to large cities or the "urban world", although there is greater openness and tolerance are given other inconvenient negatives...

The other factor, gender, is very important when it comes to rating as young people move in Moroccan society, as parents be used towards their children different strategies as they are male or female. Those, in certain areas, young men embody parent the continuity of the farm while daughters do it under the prism of the financial benefit. On the other hand, in the section on sexuality, and especially women, remain anchored in sexist attitudes as they confirm the statistics, (86% of the girls and 39% of boys) in which a high rate linked sexual relationship with marriage.

However, despite appearances, the picture is not so bleak. School youth is influenced not only by two Moroccan television channels, but also by other Arab and foreign channels, of course, the vast network of networks. This, together with the growing emigration to European countries since the end of the 20th century and return them by effect of the European economic crisis, results in a "mind" openness influence. This fact positively affect the representations and attitudes of young people and shows us in some way that is happening an important evolution in terms of social and moral values of the community.

"The new Moroccan wave". Scene and Music

Finally might mention a cultural phenomenon emerging, the so-called "new Moroccan wave", a breath of fresh air in the cultural landscape of the country built thanks bands back stamp. However, this phenomenon is somewhat constrained, as in other areas, a feeling of anxiety and caution. Probably, the emergence of the festival L' Boulevard, at the end of the 1990s in Casablanca marked a turning point in the dissemination and visibility of the bands serving as international showcase, not in vain in the last edition have gathered more than 150,000 people, showing the musical diversity. A collection of styles ranging from mixed rock, heavy metal and particularly Hip Hop, which with figures such as Bigg have achieved considerable success despite the lack of a suitable musical infrastructure. This is a sample of the air of freedom begins to blow in our neighbouring country.

So far...So close.

Written by Qualified Multiplier Eurodesk, IVAJ Valencia


Foilsithe: Déa, 06/06/2013 - 13:03

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