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Travelling revolution

A youth from the region of the Garrotxa reflects while he is travelling around the world. He has already spent two years travelling and still has a long way to go.

During these last years a new generation of young people has emerged who, motivated by adventure and knowledge ( with the help of new technologies) have pulled up anchors from their home lands and have embarked in the experience of travelling around the world. They are generally critical and educated people who have been on the dock of the system and are not satisfied with the main pillars which sustain it. They are intelligent, respectful, have overcome the fear of changes and do not set much value on material possessions. We are talking about free, independent people who appreciate company as well as solitude. They are youngsters who prioritize time to money and who invest all their resources looking for new experiences. They are kind, willing to share moments with strangers and to learn any activity having no gender restrictions or class prejudices.


These revolutionary youngsters --they are so--, admire nature and know that well being is always very near it. Flexible with timetables and with others, they claim that nothing and nobody should alter their emotional balance. They are stable characters who do not need constant praise to get motivated and invent their own destiny on the basis of their likes and their aims. With no attachments, used to farewells, they know that brilliantly transcendent heroes exist only in films. They do not idolize, but admire. They think of temporality as a thread which connects efforts, rest and small awards. They do not compete with anybody, they rejoice on other people’s achievements and try to improve their own abilities. They enjoy the pureness of natural environments and they feel tormented when somebody wants to step over them without any respect. They love justice and autonomy and abhor arbitrariness. They are warriors who fight against social inequality and even though they do not boast about their qualities, the charisma which experience has given them makes their convincing messages blare.


This nomad generation is a small human portion that breaks with schemes. It is a growing mass which is not willing to live the lives that others chose for them. Revolution is proclaimed and they are a part of the fighters who will change the course of future generations. They are a prelude, the prologue of the book which is yet to be written.



Written by Adrià Homs for Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Servicio de Juventud Consell Comarcal de la Garrotxa

Pubblicato: ven, 12/08/2016 - 10:16

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