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Redes-cubriendo sensaciones…

Do you want to go out with me?. They were three words that every youngster wanted to hear of mouth of their desire object. Today per today they are words for the memory.

The desire to find "even", continues and it will continue being one of the primordial objectives in the life of people, because in an innate way, we all have the necessity and capacity of to receive and to offer; fondness, affection, cares, pleasure.

It takes us to it to want to find the person for the one that to be wanted and to the one that to want. With the one that to share our sexuality and/or our world in general.



The same as he/she got lost the innate attraction for the scent of the feromonas, because of the consumption of gels, perfumes, deodorants., in this more and more technical and computerized world, he/she goes getting lost the illusion and the hope of the encounters that are given receptive people of the "erotic-environmental" signs of the moment spontaneously between two, of the place.


The encounters go gaining ground. The contact pages offer us a great fan of options without going out, when looking for "windows" where to find the wanted "product." The question is not to fall in the error of reducing our "search" exclusively, in the world of the seduction, to the quickest road, the virtual one. Arriving until the point of systematizing technologically something as instinctive and natural as it is the sensorial and emotional attraction, "imprisoning" the senses behind a screen, leaving them "prisoners" and disabled of the enjoyment of most of their abilities more primates: to smell, to play, to savor. Because when it is about human interactions, "virtualizar" the land", implies to reduce the intensity of feeling.


We also have to be careful with the time that we dedicate to "the virtual" thing and to what extent, it is controlling it and conditioning our behavior and emotions. To notice the hours that we dedicate to whatssapear, twittear, to gossip in Facebook. Time that we lose to "meet with ourselves or to be with people that make happy our days. Also, when something is looked for, it requires an important dedication of time previously, for that that if the result is not satisfactory it invades us the frustration. The effective and healthy is to know how to negotiate, so much the time, as the emotional implication.


For everything it, is not of more to refresh the traditional way of being ". That that made that our parents, grandparents, great-grandfathers. they "connected." That that nowadays is "covered" for the virtual nets. That traditional way in the one that the fact of being in the appropriate place, in the opportune moment, transforms looks in wireless nets, without fear to lose the covering, full all the gigabytes that it can support the most potent computer (our brain), through the senses and he/she gives option of experiencing the coalition and the heat of two bodies that are close, as much as they want to be allowed.


Do let us think that if the instinct of being "is innate, why not to continue believing in our capacity to be able to know somebody in the spontaneity of the real present?. Another form doesn't exist of being able to enjoy the encounter in its biggest dimension, if it is not feeling, living all and each one of the stimuli of the moment. Those moments that leave promises tattooed in the skin, with desire "tints" and "messages" of pleasure. Moments that usually become short to give sense to the desire of happening again.


Let us open the fan of our love" "search. Remember that if we look for we frustrate ourselves, if we live, we feel. Therefore, let us smile there to the life where we step, because perhaps I joust there, let us be without knowing it in the appropriate place, in the opportune moment and unintentionally to formulate anything, let us feel how the "chemistry" of the moment catches us.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Alicante


Paskelbta: K, 18/06/2015 - 08:25

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