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Rocío’s six-month experience in Bali (Indonesia): a challenge, an experience and an adventure

There are certain moments in life in which you stop walking, look back at the way behind you and smile. You smile because everything you have left behind makes you stronger and fills you with pride and joy.

 I won’t get tired of telling people how big this volunteering experience has been for me. I was lucky for participating in the project “Voices of Creativity: From Youth to Youth” and living for six months with a Turkish guy and a girl from Estonia in Bali (Indonesia).

This experience has made me more mature and tolerant; it has broaden my mind and allowed me to get to know and understand other cultures and ways of living which were, until now, completely unknown to me.
We were the first volunteers there and started our own projects.

y highlight was on creativity and environment although we had dance, theatre, English and some lessons in Spanish or
sevillanas, a type of folk music and dance of Seville. I could talk about breathtaking locations I have been to, about the food, the traffic or the hours spent in front of the computer creating activities to work with the children, but today I prefer to talk about the people.

Being open-minded and willing to enjoy every second, my thoughts are with those who would always take you out, crutches on the back, so that you could enjoy a day at the beach eating “rambutans”. Those who have a huge heart and give their best to help anyone who needs it, even street cats. People who open up their houses to you every time you need it and always give you a smile. Or those who work and have very busy lives, but take their time (I don’t know how) to volunteer in environmental projects or projects with children and even collect food and money for those who need it most, no matter their religion or the colour of their skin.

There are some who lose their phones or the wallet every time they go out in Kuta or who invite you to an improvised plan which leads you to discover beautiful waterfalls, beaches and even to attend to a Muslim wedding.

There are also people who have travelled almost throughout Europe and who enjoy making youngsters grow in every aspect. Others are really small but spread such a powerful light that make everyone near them happier.

Others enjoy taking pictures all the time, share with you everything they have and dream with travelling. There are extraordinary cooks and everybody is kind. Bipolar partners who give you a hug when you need it most. People who love madly their country and enjoy making others get to know it.

Time goes by and circumstances change, everybody speaks about the post-EVS but you don’t realize how hard it is until you suddenly experience the breakup with the world that has changed you, and it hurts. You have mixed feelings, you want to go home but at the same time you want to stay, because that place is already like a home to you… But you eventually leave and promise to come back, come back to that place where you have enjoyed so much.

And even though I know that nothing will be the same when I come back, I will do so, because I have to. It is just worth it.

In conclusion: I recommend every one of you to dare to take the step and live your own volunteering experience, and those of you who are lucky enough to get the same destination, don’t hesitate to ask Pedro for my contact details. I will be pleased to help you with everything I can.

Translated by Hugo Alcalá.

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