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Urban tribes in Japan

grupo de chicas japonesas
The streets of the big cities of the country of the Rising Sun, among others, are filled with young people looking for their own identity through clothing and sense of belonging to a group.

Considered a country where there is great pressure with respect to studies , work, and have a strict social norms, subcultures proliferate, as a form of expression while as a resource for more freedom. The way you dress and fashion become be extravagant and exotic , but there, people no frowns too strange costumes, or tiresome , flooding the streets in a colorful mosaic of urban tribes that already features Japanese country and are really curious to Westerners, and so in Japan , ideologies and beliefs take a back -up and dress becomes a priority, the picture is what characterizes them.
Here we enumerate the most known tribes in the country of the Rising Sun .

Gals: The word is a corruption of the English word girl. The gals are the archetypal image of the Japanese girl with miniskirt uniform and high heaters. They love the signature clothes and expensive accessories, so that the kogal paradise is the shopping district of Tokyo, Shibuya. They are also large consumers of Japanese mobile phone. Make shopping a way of life and culture revolves around the Shibuya district in Tokyo. Materialism and social dependence that underlies the kogal fashion can reflect the insecurity felt by high school students. Many kogals this way of life are allowed to spend their money their parents, wealthy class. Other shows in underground pornography to finance their hobby. Many more are involved in "compensated dating ", or enjo Kosai , a type of quasi-legal prostitution that has been strongly associated with kogals (to the point that many Western observers interpret " kogal " and " prostitute "). They can also get great benefits in buruseras where they sell their used underwear or undies. Given the Gals a lot of money on makeup, accessories, etc. spent, to be

Ganguro: Subgroup gals characterized by dye their hair bright colors and often go to tanning salons of UVA to maintain a perfect tan.

Decorer: extravagance and exaggeration are the principles of decorer . People are determined not to be adults and children dress up and have fun with. So are favorite accessories Disney and Hello Kitty in pink loudest possible. Of the most meritorious in my opinion is that most are adept at decorer themselves make almost all their clothes.

Lolita: one of the most popular Japanese urban tribes and carried around the globe. It emerged in the late seventies. The lolita style mixed with the garments of past centuries , especially in the Victorian era. This raises one of the most known variants: the gothic lolita who wear mainly black and white clothing, but may also use other dark colors. Opt for pale skin and dark eyes , outlined with black , smoked, and strong or dark red lipstick. Sometimes, carrying candlesticks, crosses, and other Gothic elements.

Cosplay : This involves the practice of dressing of characters from anime, manga or video games. A popular meeting point is near Harajuku and Yoyogi Park on Sunday afternoon. Subsets of cosplay fans are dressing kigurumi or cartoon characters.

Gyaruo Men Style: The Japanese equivalent of "metrosexual ". Young men who want to show off with expensive clothes, cologne liters, perfect tan and haircut to last. The hosts or young people working in bars frequented by older women who want to drink and be served by young boys, embody the culmination of this subculture .

Yankii ( deformation of the yankee word): Young men and women who are dyed blond or orange , wear old clothes and smoke, drink and have children at an early age . Known for being loud, rude and refuse to play by the established social rules. They are more a social phenomenon than a fad, the yankiis are seen as a symbol of the collapse of Japanese society since the years of postwar economic growth.

Visual kei: Literally visual style is an aesthetic based on the Japanese rock music. Fans of '80s metal, the followers of this dress a fashion trend that is very hard to describe. Basically as if they had to dress in a dark closet where clothes had vampire, ghost, lolita and anime characters . The main philosophy of this urban group is freedom of expression through music and gets your own style.

Harajuku Style: Includes a combination of different styles which are characterized by frequent Harajuku district in Tokyo, mainly on Sunday afternoon.

Bosozoku / Hashiriya: Group characterized by his love of motorcycles and related thereto.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Castilla-La Mancha


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