Tairseach Eorpach na hÓige
Eolas agus deiseanna do dhaoine óga ar fud na hEorpa.

I love Spain ! I want to stay here!

Me gusta España ¡Quiero quedarme aquí!
Me gusta España ¡Quiero quedarme aquí!
I want to extend that stay longer than 3 months. What transact must I do for it? What I do to keep that right of residence? Penalties if I do not meet the administrative procedures?

I am a European citizen, therefore I have European citizenship and this means I can move freely throughout the EU and settle anywhere in the territory. But I have limitations. (Directive 2004/38/CE).

For those first 3 months stay, you do not need more documentation than your valid identity card or passport, and do not care to come to trabajr, study or tourism. After 90 days you must apply for an extension of stay or a residence permit.

To apply for this extension must complete the official application determined by the Secretary of State for Immigration and Emigration.

Now if you want to stay as a resident, you must apply for a permit to reside or certificate records, either temporarily (more than 90 days but less than 5 years) or permanently (when you have temporarily resided for 5 years continuously).

If you came with a student visa, a residence permit will be listed in the visa, but can be extended by checking that you meet the necessary requirements. You should know that one of these requirements is to justify that accounts with financial means to cover the costs of stay in Spain. The requirement is 30 euros per day per person with a minimum allowance of 300 euros. May be cash, travelers checks, credit card, bank certificate or other legal document.

If you do not declare your stay, you can incur administrative sanctions, but that if you will not be expelled just for not meeting this standard, but can be removed if you become an unreasonable burden on the social assistance system of the host Member State.

  • What administrative procedures need to perform:

The registration period, which sets each EU country. The relevant body must expedirte a registration certificate stating your name and address and date of registration.

. - Identidd document or passport as your administrative position (ie employee or student) may ask you to prove you have gathered the conditions of your right of residence (Article 6 of the Directive).

. - If you're a worker, confirmation of employment or a work certificate.

. - If you're self: proof that you are autonomous.

. - If you are a student: registration certificate, certificate of comprehensive sickness insurance and a statement that accounts with sufficient resources.

. - If you are in any of these assumptions and have no economic activity, you have to submit a certificate of comprehensive sickness insurance and prove that you have sufficient resources. Each country should take cueta personal situation.

Remember that if you submit the documentation is false, you can refuse, terminate or withdraw any right. (Art. 8 Directive).

Keep in mind also that if you turn "a burden on the social assistance system" of the host country, it may jeopardize your right of residence.


Written by Qualified Multiplier Eurodesk, Melilla.

Foilsithe: Lua, 03/02/2014 - 14:40

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