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Xamayca, Land of Reggae and Sun

Jamaica, tierra de Reggae y sol
Jamaica, tierra de Reggae y sol
Xamayca: Now we´re going to know a little bit more about this Caribbean country.

Last world of Athletics Championship held this summer in Russia crowned Jamaicans as a great sports power thanks to Usain Bolt, but that we know about this island of the Greater Antilles. Now we´re going to know a little bit more about this Caribbean country.

 The Taino Indians named this beautiful island with the name of Xamayca, meaning "Land of wood and water", not in vain this nation boasts hundreds of both surface and underground springs that supply drinking water to the entire population. Something that is appreciated because due to the tropical climate of high temperature and humidity prevail throughout the year, with rainy seasons and even hurricanes during the months of June and September.

 Although it was at one time Spanish possession, in 1655 it became British colony with capital at Kingston, until its independence on August 6, 1962. That warm summer night presented the new Jamaican flag with the slogan: "Hardships there are, but the land is green and the sun shineth", in the colours black, green and gold.

 Currently, with nearly three million people, Jamaica is the third most populous of America English-speaking country and is part of the Commonwealth of Nations. English is the official language on the island but a cheerful and interesting dialect is on everyone's lips, the "Patois". A dialect from roots taken from the Saxon colonists and the majority of the population of African languages. For example, Jamaicans tend to omit the "r" at the end of the words so they say dolla instead of dollar or also the "t" double when they are in the middle of the words become double "k", changing little to likkle or when they add or remove to your liking "h", thus leaving: heverybody or this. It is also interesting as join the words: back, foot bottom or frock tail, neck, among many others.

 Finally better than end up talking about gastronomy where the spicy and tropical flavours cheer the palates of the visitors. You can taste the goat Curry in Spur Tree, pig and chicken to the Jamaican in the restaurants of the Bay of Boston, or prawns with pepper in the Middle Quarters. Try the food home Ital in a Rastafarian restaurant, frozen posts of fruit gelatin, or ackee and cod shredded with the fruit of the tree of bread.

 Reggae Sumfest, a spectacular setting in the Montego´s Bay

 Reggae and Jamaica formed an indissoluble marriage recognized all over the world thanks to the figure of Bob Marley. The creation of an event that would attract the best musicians and artists of the world, as well as Reggae Sumfest was born festival was thus necessary.  In 2012 he celebrated its 20th Edition also coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the independence of the island, with an event in which presented the best of dancehall and reggae, as well as artists of R&0B/Hip Hop first level such as Damian Marley or Kelly and Trey Songz, among other.

 Traditionally, Reggae Sumfest, started in mid-July with the beach party of the Reggae Sumfest in Cornwall Beach, and continues at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre with the Guinness of Dancehall night, finally culminating in the international evenings, showing the delicious gastronomy, art and handcrafts Jamaica turning this event into a unique cultural experience which is able to gather each year to more than 30,000 visitors to the tourist capital of Montego´s Bay.

written by qualified multiplier Eurodesk, Instituto Valenciano de la Juventud.

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