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Travelling with your pet

Viajar con mascotas
Viajar con mascotas
If you have got a pet and you don’t want to go away from it during your journey in Spain, it is important to get informed before about all pet policy information.

If you have got a pet and you don’t want to go away from it during your journey in Spain, either if you want to do a short vacation or a longer stay, it is important to get informed before about all pet policy information.  Then it is advisable if you could search pet friendly places as well, like:  accommodation, restaurants, leisure venues, tourist sites, etc. Also knowing in advance if you are allowed to travel with your pet, and if there is any restriction is furthermore recommended.

It is a good idea to do a check list of things to have into account before moving. We are going to provide you some guideline below to ensure you a journey with your pet as pleasant as possible.

The following regulations are for dogs, cats or ferret. If you have other pet, you ought to contact with your Embassy, or Spanish’s Embassy in your country.

In first place you have to keep in mind that should have a veterinary passport, in where it must appear its identification (a readable tattoo or microchip) and fulfill with animal health legislation. In the case of Spain, for instance, dogs require a rabies vaccination. This passport is issued by an authorised  veterinarian.

We recommend you also to prepare a small first-aid kit, and to draw up a list of veterinaries in the area you’re going to rest.

Check animal transport requirements in each means of transport, Spanish airports (AENA) have their own policies, as well as Spanish railway RENFE, or ferry’s companies. In addition to this, each company has its own specify, so you have to assure regulations in each site regarding the restrictions for travelling with your pet as checked luggage, carry-on luggage or air cargo( dimensions of pet carrier, total weight, age, etc).In bus companies like ALSA it is forbidden that cats and dogs travel in passengers seats, with the exception of guide dog, so they will have to go on the baggage compartment, in their pet bags)

Moreover, in some cities or villages there is not allowed to carry our pets in public transport, in particular if its weight is above ten kilos. Recently it has been an agreement between the city council of Barcelona and the public transports of the city to allow the access of dogs in the underground.

Concerning leisure places, there are progressive more pet friendly places, like all kind of accommodations, as much as tourist establishments, and there are guides and infinity of blogs which address both of these issues.

Written by Qualified Eurodesk Multiplier,Oficina Joven de Alt Urgell

Published: Mon, 18/11/2013 - 11:18

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