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Do you want to know the Islands of the Uros?

Isla flotante de los Uros en el Lago Titicaca.
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If you are tired of sightseeing, museums and beaches full of tourists the best thing to do is to visit an exotic and beautiful place like this one.

The Islands of the Aurochs are located in the bay of Puno (Titicaca Lake) in Peru some 3800 meters above sea level. Two governments of two different countries, namely Peru and Bolivia, share the custody for the islands.

This at the beginning could have been a cause for conflict and strife but is at the same time a positive and beneficial thing because of feeling responsible for the place from the point of view of two different countries.  

There exist 20 floating islands which have been made by their inhabitants (Aurochs) with a plant called “Totora” which is growing under water and with the help of its roots the little islands are able to float.
To avoid that the islands move they are stopped by poles which cross the ground of the islands and are attached at the ground of the sea.
On every island live only some families; the greatest island only gathers ten families, not anyone else.  
The inhabitants make their living mainly through fishing and as bird hunters although tourism has also been proved as an important instrument to make the living.
The languages spoken by the residents are Aymara and Quechua.


The Aurochs are called “population of the lake”. The islands are located in the Titicaca Lake which belongs to Peru and Bolivia. But the Aurochs normally approximate more to the territory of Peru. History tells that the population escaped on the floating islands, which they themselves constructed to save themselves from the invasion of the Inca.
When you visit these beautiful and special islands it is possible to see how the houses were constructed. Above the roots of the “Totora” plants the inhabitants build beds of dried “Totora” and there over they construct their rooms.


These islands are well visited all the years; they attract many tourists from all over the world.  You can only reach the islands going by boat.
The living on the islands has advanced with time, today there exist some schools and temples, too. Advanced technologies like the telephone and solar boards exist. To complete, there have been constructed houses for the islands’ visitants. The most visited islands are Santa María, Chumi, and Paraíso, although the other ones too, have their charm and beauty.The environment around this place of the world is most beautiful and invites to relax.


Other tourist attractions around Titicaca Lake are the archeological treasuries found by the scientists belonging to the expedition “Atahualpa 2000” on the ground of the lake. There were found a holy temple, graves and archeological rests, a terrace of cultivation, a path constructed before the time of the Inca and a wall of more than 800 meters of length.
A three kilometer long and 600 meter wide island between 10 to 15 meters down the water was found, too.
The Titicaca Lake has many mystery a lot of which is still to discover.
To see these islands in spring or at summertime is the best thing to do, at these times of the year the climate guarantees pleasant temperatures and little rain to the visitants.



Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento Palma del Condado

Published: Mon, 11/11/2013 - 10:11

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