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Career Guidance and Counseling Services for Employment

Orientación Profesional
Orientación Profesional
Counseling services and career guidance for young people are information resources where young people go for clarification regarding labor issues and career-related training or employment

The information is for youth  from 16 to 35 years of age and is free personalized attention.

The aim is that young people lacking guidance on their education and employment opportunities, distance from their teachers and tutors and strong sense of failure and attending these services for employment, could gain skills and basic skills necessary to achieve the desired results within their occupational and educational journey, by a suitable choice of itineraries, eliminating misconceptions about certain occupations, or access or the same job opportunities and adapting to changes in the labor market.

The first job search is one of the biggest barriers to enter the youth labor market. In addition the lack of information on job search techniques raises the need for the presence of these specialized counseling services. These services may belong to government, associations or institutions for youth with special needs, and in many cases are linked to the Youth Information Centres.

The service provides advice on training, occupational training, career, real job opportunities, career counseling, job search techniques, personal skills development for employment, skills, work experience in companies, professional choice, training programs, information about different careers, management information and public jobs, professional qualifications, and can provide guidance on labor market research.

These services can be accessed in person, by telephone or internet, using e-mail or social networks for sending queries and informational materials or online training, the development of the Curriculum Vitae, access to jobs or job boards, etc.

The personalized attention may be supplemented for training groups: Schools may have offersof educational workshops on different subjects, such as: Internet as a tool for job search, employment on internet, working in the public service, career, labor regulations, self-employment options, etc..

Professional counselors are experts of these services that help make decisions regarding the future educational and / or employment, proposing action plans in various areas in the short, medium or long term by managing creative techniques when choosing training routes or using dialogue capabilities. The goal is for the individual to achieve a satisfactory degree of self-knowledge and social integration through the performance of its tasks and capabilities. It is not just to help people  use options but to teach  decision making through learning, self-awareness and interpersonal competence.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier Ayuntamiento de Murcia

Pubblicato: mar, 23/04/2013 - 10:15

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