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Create an enterprise online: entrepreneurship Online

Constitución telemática de empresas
Constitución telemática de empresas
"Entrepreneurship Online" is a measure for the promotion of entrepreneurship, framed inside of the employment policies whose aim is to facilitate the process of creating and managing your own business.

Initially various government and business organizations created the “Information and Advice Centres Corporate”, presence services offering information and advice on the different types of legal forms of make a business, subsidies and steps to follow to start a business. Then came the service "Single Window" by an agreement of collaboration between different government (Central Government, Autonomous Community and Local Government) and the Council of Chambers of Commerce offers the possibility of administrative procedures in a single management .
"Entrepreneurship Online" goes further, is an initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism through the Directorate General of Industry and the Small and Medium Enterprises in order to simplify, streamline and make more accessible the administrative and authorization procedures of the business, while ensuring the continued appropriateness of the various business activities with current regulations and effectiveness of administrative action.
From the portal of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism you've got access to electronic processing to create your company through the following legal forms: New Company Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (in this case must reserve the social name) and individual entrepreneur (autonomous), offering the option to transact through the Points of Advice and Beggining of Processing (PABP) "PABP Area" by other administrations or by the employer "Business Area"

Steps for setting up for sociiety telematics constitucion

Starting a business, take a series of process. If you decide to create a society, there are two ways to form, the traditional procedure that stretches around thirty days, or do it by telematics procedure, it only takes three days. The process is very simple, you can use PABP or manage yourself. Electronic Processing System of Information and Network Center of Entrepreneurship - CIRCE will be which do the rest. The adventure of undertaking is taking shape, society can be registered 72 hours, when all is done you can go to the notary to collect writing. Your business is already established.

CIRCE offers a range of services and will be responsible for carrying out all the steps to your company is incorporated as soon as possible. In the PABP, or yourself through electronic certificate, someone can help you complete the Single Electronic Document - SED, which contains all the information necessary for the notary grant writing as well as the data required by the various administrations and records in the face of incorporation. After the grant of a deed the system request the provisional CIF and sends the census declaration to the Tax Office, liquidation Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty, forwards the data to the Social Security and requesting registration in the Commercial Register.

In summary: The electronic processing provides greater agility, when setting up a business, you face processing. It also requires fewer trips to the various agencies. The online processing involves different agencies in the creation of a company, enabling communication between them and speeding up implementation of it.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Dirección General de Juventud Comunidad de Madrid

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