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Support Measures for Youth Entrepreneurship

jóvenes emprendedores
Jóvenes emprendedores
If you are young and are planning a self-employment future, here is a series of measures approved in the last months to promote entrepreneurship and youth self-employment.
  • Measures related to the social security contributions applicable to young self-employed people.
    • As an alternative to the current bonuses and reductions system, a new measure has been approved for self-employed people under 30 years that register for the first time as such or that have not been registered during the past five years immediately after the registration date. This system is based on:
      • Reductions:
        • 80 % of the contribution during the 6 months following registration.
        • 50 % of the contribution during the following 6 months.
        • 30 % of the contribution during the following 3 months.
      • Bonuses:
      • 30 % during the 15 months following the reductions’ period.  
    • Social security contributions’ reductions and bonuses for disabled people that register as self-employed. Besides the current bonuses for self-employed and disabled people, the following bonuses or reductions have been implemented for self-employed workers under 35 years with a disability level equal to or over 33% that register as such or have not been registered in the past five years.
      • 80% reduction during the 12 months following the self-employment registration date.
      • 50% bonus during the following four years,
  • Compatibility of the unemployment benefit with the initiation of the self-employment activity for people under 30 years. Contribution-based unemployment allowance beneficiaries registering as self-employed will be able to combine this monthly allowance with their self-employment activity for a maximum period of 270 days (9 months) with the following conditions and requirements:
    • The contribution-based unemployment allowance beneficiary should be under 30 years upon commencement of the self-employment activity and should not have employees.


  • Applicants should request this compatibility at the Public Employment Service (SEPE) within 15 days from the date of commencement of self-employment activities. Otherwise they will not be eligible for the compatibility of benefits.


  • Beneficiaries will not be required to pay for any jobseeker obligations throughout the period of compatibility of the unemployment and self-employment activity benefits.


  • Increase in the possibilities of applying for a capitalisation of unemployment benefits. Besides what has already been established, this includes:
    • Unemployment allowance beneficiaries under 30 years will be entitled to capitalise it up to a lump sum of 100% for investment purposes and to contribute to the share capital of a mercantile company that is newly constituted or has been constituted within the last 12 months.
    • Beneficiaries under 30 years that capitalise their unemployment benefits can also use it for setting up costs, contributions’ payment and advisory services’ expenses, as well as for training and information related to the start up activity.


Written by Eurodesk Multiplier in Ayuntamiento de Azuqueca de Henares.

Foilsithe: Lua, 20/05/2013 - 13:29

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