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Creative coworking to overcome the crisis

By Morguefile
By Morguefile
To take over an economic crisis, creativity is a very important key.

In Spain, where the crisis had a massive impact, creativity was needed to impulse a sort of Creative destruction, a concept in economics that shows how constantly destroying the old allows the creation of new things and give way to innovation.

The crisis, resulted from the world economic crisis which started in 2008 and the European debt crisis. It affected everyone in the country and especially the youth. In 2012 the unemployment rate reached a peak never reached before: 24,8 %, the worst in the euro-zone, and youth unemployment went up to 53,2 % (Eurostat). The same year, Spain became the third country with more coworking spaces: 175 in total. Two years later, in 2014, there were around 200 coworking spaces in Spain.

But what is coworking? It is a form of work which involves sharing the work space. It can be limited to the physical space but it increasingly involves sharing skills.

Nowadays entrepreneurs and independent workers from liberal professions take this variable into consideration when organising their activity. But in Spain, one sector is overrepresented in coworking studios: architecture. In fact architecture was devastated by the crisis. For instance, half of the architecture firms in Barcelona went bankrupt. One of the reasons stands in the fact that Spanish architectural students are qualified to sign large projects immediately following graduation, without doing an interim, explained Edgar Gonzalez, architect professor (http://www.deskmag.com/en/coworking-spaces-in-spain-459). Architects need lots of space, large desks and an open work environment. Thus, when they are not more than ten architects in the firm, sharing the work space becomes obvious and coworking appeared as a social phenomenon against crisis. And since then, the number of independent architects has increased (Spanish union of architects SARQ).

As a result the crisis as changed not only the work but also the way people are working. And it altered the youth labor market.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Alaquás





Publicado: ter, 07/06/2016 - 10:16

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