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Person of the Year: The Erasmus + entrepreneur

Silvia tells us her experience in a training course about youth entrepreneurship in Cyprus promoted by the Erasmus+ program.

Being an entrepreneur means starting your own professional adventure, your own business. It is an exciting journey where you learn to take it is just the beginning.


The tools with which to realize my idea online could find in the Erasmus course + that gives this article. Cyprus was the place where the program took place. An island where the crossroads of cultures is evident on every street, every corner, every meal, every face. A place where the sun shines, where light my lamp might also light. European experience very enriching personally and, of course, professionally. The possibility of creating a multicultural environment was the plus.


Maybe English is the language spoken in the business, but for the language training we also joined us all, the whole group was excited about the launch.


For a week teamwork was the basis, the foundation to build my future audiovisual project. Communication or how to sell in an increasingly competitive and technology market is part of the daily life of the young entrepreneur. Social media is important in the XXI century, but so is the wide network of contacts that mobility taking courses like this.


Thanks to the intensive training I got that potential to be able to undertake professional media. Know yourself, what you are passionate about is basic, like meeting other small great creative. Participants, and now friends, Cyprus, Spain, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Croatia with whom to share knowledge.


I lived a week of entertaining and enriching work through activities, debates, workshops and initiatives on entrepreneurship. Non-formal education was part of the training, through, working groups, simulations, role plays or brainstorming.


In the capital, Nicosia had the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs who settled there business. We make personal to the drivers of new projects and ideas interviews. An educational way to learn about other markets, other realities, other examples.


In Limassol, a coastal city, we could understand how entrepreneurship drove tourism. Art and culture converge in a city bathed by the Mediterranean Sea on its eastern basin.


The course exceeded my expectations to understand the dynamic nature of entrepreneurship. Open the doors for new business drives the economy of a country. Creativity, innovation and skills development is the future.


A course that gives young people like myself, an impulse, an opportunity to launch entrepreneurial projects possible.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ingalicia

Foilsithe: Mái, 23/06/2015 - 08:17

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