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Coworking, The best option for young entrepreneurs.

Relations with other professionals, better concentration and motivation are the clues for succeeding in collective working space.

Even though the term of Coworking was invented by Bernie Devoken in 1999, it was not until ten years later, in 2009, when this term was disseminated in the entrepreneurs’ world.

Brad Neuberg was the main figure to spread the word as he created a Coworking space in San Francisco (USA) called Hat Facory. At the beginning, it was just a loft where Neuberg was working with three others freelance. The idea became important and grew up to the point of that nowadays Coworking spaces has been estimated to more than 2000 around the World. At first, Coworking was thought for those workers who were going around with their own laptop as the only working tool and for those who were working from home. The space counts with an individual desk, internet access and a flexible timetable adaptable to the user necessities. The Coworking space provides the freedom of not being tied to an excessive rent .In addition, also offers flexible time as the majority open all day long and all year round.

Therefore, we could define Coworking as a space or virtual space which has the aim of reducing costs and fighting against working solitude. Adding to that, Coworking allows increasing the professional contact list and expanding new knowledge due to the relationship with other co-workers.

Spain is the third country in the world with more Coworking spaces, leading USA and Germany. The rent prices vary between 100€ to 250€ per month, depending on the city where is placed it or the quality of the service.

The boom in Spain might be due to the difficult economic situation it is experienced. Nevertheless, its success is not only because of that but because of the professional relationship, better concentration and motivation these spaces provide. Not forgetting either the entrepreneurship culture which has changed and has become more flexible, including, of course, the acceptation of the public.

In conclusion, Coworking is the perfect solution to get out of the house, to meet new people and share the same workplace, increase productivity and reduce cost.

In Granada we can find different Coworking spaces such as La Expositiva, Cocorocó, Happen  y La Trastería, among many others.

For further information visit Coworking in Spain on http://www.coworkingspain.es/.

Take advantage of this opportunity and embark yourself in a new journey!


Written by Esther, Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier Maracena

Foilsithe: Mái, 25/02/2014 - 08:40

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