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Crowdfunding: The union makes you stronger.

Crowdfunding: The union makes you stronger.
Crowdfunding: The union makes you stronger.
Web platforms allow artists, associations and individuals to develop their projects thanks to anonymous donations.

Its correct functioning is very easy. For instant, a singer publishes in the web his project, editing his first record, and detailing how much funds he needs. The web visitors’, if they are interested in the initiative, donate the amount they wish, so that, the artist can materialise his project.

This activity is known as Crowdfunding, it seems to be a great help for artists and individuals who cannot get economic support through the usual alternatives or count on limited resources. Also it is a good option for certain projects which due to their nature do not fit in with the support requirements by public entities or private companies.

The amount of the donations is usually small, and therefore, its success lies in it. Thus, the effort is minimise for the fundraisers (individuals, companies and institutions).
The published project’s authors can offer a reward as return. For instant, an independent film director can thank the support with some invitations to the film premier or with merchandising. Even though publishing the name of the sponsor in the film’s credit.

The activity is concentrated in specialized web platforms, generally with quite attractive designs and with clear and precise information. Also, all of them specify the amount of money which has been collected and the percentage covered in relation with the need.

Crowdfunding or crowd financing, at the beginning, was focus on the artistic sector (in fact, even today is where it is more important). It believes that one of the pioneers was the British rock group Marillio, which fans underwrote an entire U.S. tour through this system in 1997

Immediately after, new isolate projects came to life, but it was not until Kickstarter appeared in 2009, when the concept of crowdfunding gains popularity. This site publishes music project, comics, films and videogames. Since its creation, 5.1 million people worldwide have donated money, according to the site itself.

One year later came out the first sites in Spain…Lanzanos and Verkami.
n the last 3 years, the new platforms has focused on a specity area. Let´s say Applsit is specialized in Mobile apps, Fromlab in tangible products, Flipoyer in solidarity projects or Ourily towards inventions.

The growing activity was a key factor for the creation of the Spanish Crowdfunding Association, member itself of the World Crowdfunding Federation and the European Crowdfunding Network.

The Association offers full information regarding the working of the crowdfunding and the existing resources of funding opportunities, good codes practices and last news on the sector.

In Granada we can highlight initiatives such as Mercao Social ( Granada University spin-off Enterprise,, el Apeadero, or the musician Antonio Arias, who applied crowdfunding to gather investment for his new album Multiverso.

If you have an artistic project, solidarity project and entrepreneurship and do not know how to develop it, crowdfunding can be the solution. There are platforms really specialize which can help. It is just a question of meeting the appropriate one so that, we can make our dream come true.

Best of Luck.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Maracena

Paskelbta: P, 18/11/2013 - 12:14

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