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Vega YC organized an event called „Europe behind the corner“ in collaboration with EU info center in Belgrade. We made a FB event and it was obligatory to apply for the event.

For the event we had 71 applications, of which about 20 youngsters came, between 13 and 30 years old. The event was shared within our mailing list, Facebook page(s), the mailing list of EU info center, and online portals we collaborate with. Ema presented volunteering projects within Erasmus+ Youth (former EVS) and talked about her experience volunteering in Youth Association Intercambia for 9 months. Jovana talked about Youth Exchanges and Training Courses within Erasmus+ Youth and talked about the experience from the project „Entrepreneurship for All“. We explained where the project was, for how long, what our tasks were before the project, what type of activities and workshops we did, as well as what topics we covered (analyzing the idea, strategic plan, marketing, funding, pitching the idea etc). During the sharing of experience we had slide show of photos from EFA. The presentation part lasted for an hour and 15 mins, and the remaining 45 mins we were answering the questions and doubts the participants had about the program and about our experiences. Besides that, we gave them advices about how to apply for projects of Erasmus+ and about the importance of their motivation in the process.

The participants during the presentation were active, asking us questions, and also there were really participative in the Q&A part of the event. The day after we sent an email to all the youngsters who applied and left an email containing the presentation about the program and additional useful link (Salto SEE, Tempus Foundation etc). We consider the event to be successful, as the young people were not only informed about Erasmus+ and its projects but also they were in detail informed about our experience on the TC EFA and about the significance of entrepreneurial spirit. They were able to learn that being an entrepreneur is not that scary thing and that it is possible to develop their own idea, especially when it comes to social entrepreneurship.

We hope we inspired someone to start something of their own


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Asociación Intercambia Málaga



Published: Wed, 25/04/2018 - 10:55

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