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Tomiño begins its spring program, which for the first time brings together culture, sports, youth and volunteering

A program of transversal and integrate activity, in which all cultural, sport and volunteer events are welcomed, as well as those directed to youth. So the new spring’s programming of Tomiño Town Hall, which for the first time brings together all the activities carried out in the municipality in a single program for the next quarter with the aim of facilitating dissemination and working in a planned way to achieve the success of all the activities carried out.

Precisely with the intention of getting information from everything which occurs in Tomiño over the coming months, the Town Hall released an agenda paper collecting about 30 activities that will take place between March, April and May. This agenda is being placed in crowded places to promote the activities and reach all residents of the town, but also can be accessed directly on the Town Hall website (

Programming started last week with the inauguration in the Tomiño market of “Lugares Inesperados” , a ceramic sample in which the artist Liliya Pobornilova explores forms arising from organic unpredictability, and theatre “Té con Kant”, by Teatro Inverso.


For the first time March is women’s month.

Within the agenda, the two activities form part of the special program of March, which was declared by the Borough Council for the first time Women’s Month and in which all the activities have a clear feminine role, as for example the two courses Pilates for grandmothers, mothers and daughters, with a great success of reception.

Women offer Will continue with the workshop “Mulleres artistas por descubrir” that since march 14, Will be released to great women artists who remain Anonymous and the mural “Anonymous” feminist artist Gemma Marquis is creating in the Goian football stadium, which aims to put I value the work and family, labor daily effort… women. Under cover of this Women’s month, march Will host besides other three plays in which women are the clear stars. Children will enjoy “Rosa Caramelo e outras historis”, Talia Teatro, March 18 at the Casa da Cultura (18.000h), and with “A maleta da avoa”, of Raquel Queizás, March 25 in the market of Tomiño (18.00h), while for the adult public performed “Matrioskas”, of Charlatana, on March 24 at Tomiño market (18.00h).


Thirty activities

March Will also be completed with three courses for youth, basic French, Radio and ‘Poetry and Rap’. There are other seven schedules activities for April. Together with a course of creative pastry, this month will take place also sport gala (April 14, Goian auditorium), which awards athletes of Tomiño’s athletes highlights in this last year, and the Terras Turonio challenge a test of BTT long distance to take place on April 22.

April 9 will a new edition of Reptigalia, with exhibitions, workshops and lectures about insects, reptiles, amphibians and arthopods, there will be represented other three plays: “A nena que quería navegar”, Redrum Theatre (April 1), addressed to young audiences; “Na butaca”, of ButacaZero, for mature audiencies (April 7); and “Sen remite”, Jean Philippe Kikolas, circus, theatre and humour for the family (April 29).

In May as Letras Galegas will have important role, with recreational and educational by the 17th village, activities with workshops and bool fair in O Seixo square, music and entertainment “Bicos de papel”, Talía Teatro, in the Casa da Cultura.

It is also the month of hte course Japanese and tai-chi chuan, a sing workshop “Cantares do Brueiro” and three concerts: “A gramola gominola”, de Kandengue Arts on May 5 for children, on May 12 in the auditorium of Goian; and a concert of “De outra margem”, the musical group consisting of teachers of primary and secondary to carried out a performance in collaboration with students and former students of IES Antón  Alonso Ríos and members of the Musical grouping of Goian (May 19).

May is also the month of the Barferences, an initiative through which takes conferences at Tomiño market to talk about every Satuday of the months several entrepreneurial inititives related to rural: CdM Couso, innovation in the agrifood, the undermine and the mounts and associationism and environmental education with A Jalleira.


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Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, OMIX del Concello de Tomiño

Published: Mon, 02/04/2018 - 09:56

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