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My Erasmus experience is called SustainAbility

It is never too late to benefit from an Erasmus Scholarship. This has been experience in 'SustainAbility: Tools for empowerment of self-organised youth groups and collectives', a seminar in Berlin and Brandenburgo at the KA1 ERASMUS + YOUTH WORKERS MOBILITY.

As youngsters grow into young adults, regardless the economic, social or political background, the feel the need to find their place in the world and achieve their goals in a secure environment. Youth workers are responsible for making this easy for them. These were the first words of the call for participants in the project “SsustanAbility” by the German organization “Kulturlabor Trial and error”, a call which is in itself a manifesto of the philosophy of youth workers.

My work in health prevention and promotion made it very interesting for me to take part, contact people from different groups and European associations, get to know about good practice and face common challenges of associative work.

We would learn about tools and methodology of participatory and horizontal management, a wonderful opportunity to enhance youth work in Europe and share methods to empower the young by working together. I didn’t hesitate to send a motivation letter to “Ye too ponese”, the Asturian association which is involved in the project and I was lucky enough to be chosen as a participant.

From the very start it a fulfilling experience. Subjects such as non violent communication and communication processes in general, group management team work and network, self-management and the exchange of experiences occupied our working time as well as a good part of our free time. With people from eight countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Belarus, Ukraine and Latvia), our European mini-summit was to turn out very rich and plural.

After a long “pilgrimage” from airport to airport (Asturias-London-Berlin) we arrived at Tegel on 17th March. It was the beginning of a whole week of intensive and dynamic work with time for analysis and self-reflection. We talked about human resources management, volunteering (how to attract and motivate), funding (raising and distribution), new techniques to raise funds, communication (necessities and technique) and strategies for sustainability.

In my opinion, what makes this seminar especially worthwhile is that it helps us to think about our own methods and projects in an exercise of self analysis for which there is hardly any time on our daily working routine. We can look at ourselves in a mirror and it helps us to assess what we do.

The experience has been highly inspiring and advisable, a dose of extra motivation to continue working in a more efficient and sustainable way with a much more global framework, and of course an European one. It is always a good idea to take part in an Erasmus Project!


Written by Adriana Fernández, head of the Plan sobre Drogas de la Comarca de la Sidra (Asturias) and member of the seminar “SustainABILITY: tools for empowerment of self-organised youth groups and collectives”. KA1 ERASMUS + YOUTH WORKERS MOBILITY.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Comarca de la Sidra

Published: Mon, 02/10/2017 - 14:00

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