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Learning languages to find a job? Easy...

¿Aprender idiomas para encontrar trabajo? Fácil...
Do you dream of travelling and talking to the people without having a foreign accent? Don't worry, some mobile apps and websites will help you and soon it will be far the time you didn't understand Brad Pitt and the romanticism of the French accent.

I am sure that you are all  day long on your mobile phone or on your computer, losing your time on social networks or playing online. But what about investing that time in learning new languages to improve your CV and to find easily a job? Do you ever dream of going to Paris, sitting on a terrace and ordering a coffee with the good French accent? Or do you ever dream of going to the cinema and being able to see any movy of any country in any language?


Nowadays, more and more young people go abroad, looking for new adventures and new cultures and above all learning new languages, with the hope of improving their CV and finding good jobs. Nevertheless, it is very difficult for them at the beginning to understand the language of the host country...Imagine if you arrive at once to China, without having any notion of Mandarin, how would you do ? Or imagine your manager ask you to contact partners who speak a language you don't understand, what would happen?This is the question raised by  many mobile applications developers, and they concluded that nowadays, the most important thing was to communicate with the world, in any language. A few years ago, we would have said “Why would I have to learn new languages ? It is  English that matters when you have to find a job.” But nowadays, more and more companies ask you to speak several languages, not just English.


Today,we propose you to discover two of the best mobile applications you can download quickly and that will help you to learn new languages to become an international person...:

  • Duolingo ( With this application, you will be able to learn effictively several languages, including English, French, Portuguese, German and Italian. It is more like a game than a conventional educational model of language classes...Learn and play at once, what do you want more ? Moreover, this application is one of the few that allows you to obtain a certificate recognizing your English level ! Download this application now without waiting any longer (Duolingo Test Center) and do the test, maybe you will get this certificate which has the same reliability as the TOEFL for example, and it is cheaper ! And with such certificate, many companies will want to hire you !
  • Babbel ( Have you ever seen advertisements for this application ? Today it is one of the most downloaded applications, because it would have like a magical power that would help you to communicate quickly in another language, as the application focuses on learning vocabulary of everyday life. This application also has an advantage compared to Duolingo : it allows you to learn more languages (Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish). Speaking several languages is an advantage when you have to find a job because more and more companies ask you to go abroad or to be in touch with foreign partners.


If with these two applications you can't improve your languages and your CV to get good jobs only have one solution : going abroad and learning the language directly in the host country. But seriously... are you going to lose it ?


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Canarias


Published: Tue, 14/03/2017 - 12:29

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