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Non-Formal Education, what can we lose? What can we gain?

Have you think about to join some kind of Project of non-formal education? Do you know what you can earn? If it is still not clear enough, take a look to these videos and find some clues for your way.

Let’s start! Stop and think in one thing. We, the youngers, have been learning from the older and the smarter for ages. Nowadays there’s not many differences, we can actually learn a lot from the most skilled people. But we can think different and feel that the oldest are not the authority always. If you pay attention to your world you can discover leaders or youth workers interacting with you in another way. They are there to guide you and help you to achieve aims. Get through your stubbornness and laziness. Don’t sit behind your computer and let them to open a new path for you!

For sure, you enjoy learning. Traditional education systems have benefits too, but it seems that they forgot something. Maybe you don’t know how to rule your world right now, but you know almost everything about life in other countries. Joining projects as the Slovakian IUVENTA you could get very important social skills as teamwork, management skill and many more that you can need in your own personal and professional development.  Don’t you forget it, at school you can learn a lot, but some kind of social abilities that you can only get in the real life.


Do you know the real meaning of “to be able”? It does not only know how to do it, you also have to know how to make it work and have the courage to carry it out. It is not about one person. Would leader become successful without his team? Learn how to become team player, how to get people work together, how to trust them, what’s more, learn how to be independent and efficient. With these values and competence you will be very fair leader in the future.


If you think that you made the most out of non-formal education, pass your skills further. It is great to share your skills to the other young people. Watch them using which you gave them in their personal and professional life. Become a youth worker, too. Learn how to change lives of young people around you.

As you could see on the video, when our educational process is finished, we are ready to use our knowledge and skills in real life. But can everybody really do it? Here we can see who is really hardworking. It is not visible at first sight; sometimes you show your qualities later in your life. Meanwhile when someone was studying for whole life, you were learning! About real life, about yourself. Meantime your peer was best at school, you were becoming best in life. Even if you won’t be in front of him, it will be because you got delayed by all of your opportunities. But in the end of the day, you will be the winner!



Pubblikat: Ħam, 06/03/2014 - 13:12

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