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Student´s accommodation

Alojamientos para estudiantes
Alojamientos para estudiantes
In Spain you can find student accommodation that suits your needs: Halls own or attached to a university, college dormitories, and other entities that facilitate accommodation near all Spanish universities.

Every year many students are determining to start or complete your university studies outside residence.
One of the objectives of the youth information centers multipliers has been always cover this need by providing all the information and facilitate all procedures for the process of finding accommodation as easy and flexible as possible.

The Colegio Mayor in Spain, is a private institution and / or the University's own host where a large number of students who are forced to live away from home during the study period. These are centers that have a own regulations and statutes that must be met. They offer a variety of cultural, scientific and sports, most religious and university welcomes students only, being necessary to place order in advance, usually during the month of April.
There are mixed halls, where men and women can stay during the academic year. The prices are a bit more expensive than the homes because some schools have to leave a deposit or bond to reserve a place, which typically ranges from 500 € to 600 € once admitted pay all year in advance or quarterly and You can pay monthly, you should be informed in advance of the payment system. Prices are between 800 € to 2000 €, according to the board room and requested, can be more expensive or cheaper.
At the University Residences are young workers and students at all educational levels from high school to college and most are mixed. Usually allow longer stays and offer full board, half board, although in some cases also have spaces for everyone to cook their own food and freedom of entry and exit of residential. You also need to make a reservation in advance especially those that are closest to the universities. Prices from 700 € to 1000 € some may be cheaper depending on the type of accommodation the young choose.
Both Halls and Residences are modernized with wi-fi, computer rooms, libraries, study area, leisure area, laundry, gym ...
There are other options to provide residence for college students who need an accommodation, are the Specialized Agencies Student Accommodation offering different types of accommodation: shared flats, student apartments…
These agencies are hosting a specialized service that is becoming increasingly popular in Spain, as they often find accommodation to your needs these services expertise allows to offer the best accommodation options for your stay in the city university as pleasant and comfortable.
Some links that can help you to find student accommodation in Spain

In Madrid
DFLAT Housing


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Instituto Balear de la Juventud

Published: Mon, 05/08/2013 - 14:49

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