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From Technical Degree to Bachelor Degree

¿Are you studying a Technical Degree and want to validate it as a Bachelor Degree? ¡Do it, now!

FPaGrado is a valencian entrepreneur enterprise that can help you to validate your Technical Degree studies or you home university studies for Bachelor Degree studies in Danish universities, so that you can continue afterwards your academic training and complete a full Bachelor Degree in one and a half years. That way you can also access an official Master Degree after your former studies. With this project, José Abadín (so is the name of the young businessman) was awarded in 2015 with the “Operación Emprende” award of the AJEV (which in Spanish stands for Young Valencian Entrepreneurs’ Association).


Why Denmark? Demark is widely known for having one of the best education systems in Europe, besides that, university fees for European Union citizens are founded by the government and there are grounds for university students up to 750€ per month.

The cost of living for students sticks around 600e per month, but it is relatively easy to find part-time jobs or student Jobs, which are better paid tan in most of the other countries of the EU. We also have to consider that being a EU citizen gives us the right to get a residence permit that allows you to enjoy free studying fees, full healthcare, work permit and so on.


What are the advantages of this system? A major breakthrough when it comes to language skills because the classes are a hundred per cent in English, an international atmosphere with classmates from all over the globe and the opportunity of getting to know cultures from so many different places (especially the Danish), besides the opportunity of living in one of the most socially-developed country in Europe and the World, and an innovative studying methodology, based in team-building, practical working, trainings and internships in international and multinational companies and corporations, all build around 87 different programmes.


What about the requirements?

  • Bachelor Degree in 1’5 years: Technical Degree or being in your last year/Bachelor Degree or being in your last year.
  • Bachelor Degree in 2+1’5 years: High School Diploma or being in your last year.
  • Bachelor Degree in 3’5 years: High School diploma or being in your last year.
  • Master Degree: Bachelor Degree or being in your last year.
  • For every program n English B2 lever will be required.

Expenses of the service: Only if the student gets the validations, the company will have a remuneration of around €1200.

This is one more option to consider when it comes to live the European experience we always recommend from the European Youth Portal.  


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Vila-real

Published: Thu, 18/08/2016 - 14:20

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