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Are you under 18? Dou you want to know how does it look like to study abroad? The number of youngsters like you, who wants to live this experience, increases every year. Continue reading, and discover all your options!

To organize an academic year abroad is not easy. In addition to the fears you may have about the experience itself, there are many logistical questions to solve: How do I find the school? Where will I study? Where will I live? How much will it cost me? How am I going to validate my title? ... All these questions and many more, will be there, as soon as you decide to spend a year abroad.

Find answers to these questions when you have no chance to visit the country of destination, it is often very difficult, that's why most of the people goes to specialized agencies and opt for international exchange programs. These agencies or programs, help you with accommodation, paperwork and bureaucracy, before and after your stay.
Let’s see the different options :


Specialized Agencies: In Spain, there is an association dedicated to the promotion of language courses abroad, ASEPROCE. Certainly, also in your country, there are specialized agencies engaged in these procedures and can guarantee quality of the service. If you don’t know these agencies or where to find them, we recommend you to visit the portal EURODESK, and ask as well to your close youth information point.

ASF Intercultural Programs is an international organization of volunteers, who promote youth exchange programs for students in a public school while living with a local family. The Stays are usually taking from 2 to 10 months. Tere are destinations in over 20 countries, and prices changes depending on the country of destination. As the host families are volunteers, price of the stay is much less than what an agency can offer. The association also provides grants for some of the participants.


Rotary Club is another international organization that provides the option to live a year abroad living with selected families. What Rotary offers is an exchange, as your family will also receive another student during the same period. There are destinations around the world.


International Baccalaureate, IB, is an educational program offered in different schools worldwide. This type of school is recognized by almost every country in the world, and gives entry to university in most countries. The price of this school varies by country, but several BI centers are public. On the program's website, you can see all schools in the world that offer this type of program; you will see conditions, admision requirements, prices and lodging options.


Exchange of students between different European schools through Erasmus + Program. This program offers a form of international mobility for students from schools and high schools in Europe. The stays have duration of between 2 and 10 months, and have no cost for families as is financed by the same program. To participate in this type of Comenius exchanges, it is necessary that your center takes part on the program and have open places.

Finally, there are students who decide to fully organize the stay on their own. The procedure is not easy, in this case we provide you with a link to the Euryce association that provides information on educational stages in different European countries. You will need as well to contact the ministry of education in your country to fully understand the steps to the recognition of qualifications.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Barcelona

Publisert: Ons, 11/11/2015 - 09:22

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