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University is not that severe place with strict timetables anymore, it is either necessary to go to a faraway city to study the degree you prefer. Nowadays we have a convenient and flexible tool, it is the long distance education via internet.

What is UNED? UNED is the Spanish National Long Distance University. This tool allows you to enter into your chosen degree in the moment that suites most your personal issues. However, it also counts with some tests that must be done in person which are indispensable for you to be rated. The teaching method they use is based on the active methods established in the European Higher Education Area.


Where is UNED? UNED’s headquarters are located in Madrid though its main support is their webpage. Nevertheless, it’s not even necessary to have a computer of your own, for University has got several services in its partner institutions such as computer rooms, libraries and laboratories. Search your closest partner institution, they are distributed across the whole country!


How does UNED work? This Long Distance University offers a wide variety of Bachelor’s Degree Studies, combined Degrees and official postgraduate studies such as Master and Doctorate. If you take a look at UNED you will surely find what you seek. Every subject is studied in its own virtual classroom; these classrooms allow you to keep in contact with your professors, tutors and companions, though you can also talk to your professors via telephone and videoconference.


Who can enter UNED and when? You can apply for admission no matter your age, you can enter if you have just passed your University Admission Examination or if you are older than 25 or 45, the only important thing is that you are willing to learn. The deadline for admission is 25 October so don´t miss this opportunity.


Why choose UNED? No timetables, at your own pace and with a number of modern and efficient teaching materials, no excuses to not study what you like. Give a chance to UNED and broaden your academic skills, you won´t regret it.


Sources: official UNED webpage (English and Spanish):,24305391,93_24305392&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Burgos

Publisert: Tor, 03/09/2015 - 12:13

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