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THE MOOC are in style, what are and what are they for ?

Since 2012, according to The New York Times, the Massive Network Open Courses or MOOC are in style (Massive Open Online Courses IN ENGLISH). In this way, a new educational offer that can get involved looking to expand their knowledge using new technologies is done.

The MOOC concept was originally coined by Dave Cormier during the organization of an open debate on collectivism course in 2008. These courses aim to provide bridges between different subjects or concepts and connect them so that each course participants can build new learning together.


The following video defines us in less than 5 minutes what the acronyms MOOC and importance they have at present this type of education because we are in the era of new technologies and almost everything we have handy with just a click:


The MOOC be defined according to the following characteristics:


  • COURSES: These are courses that are taught and share knowledge, through a network, on a given subject, also has facilitators material has a beginning and an end and some participants.
  • OPEN: They are open teachings and everyone can participate for free (in some cases have to pay of a certificate) and spaces accessible for everyone who wants to participate.
  • PARTICIPATIVE: Everyone is part of the teaching-learning process, having to provide information at any time, of both the network or from other places that have found information on the subject matter.
  • DISTRIBUTED: They do not have a specific place to find information, different platforms and web tools to share information and knowledge who want to work are used.
  • LIFELONG LEARNING: They aim to encourage independent learning participant, selecting a personal space to work and create learning networks in which they can continue learning after completing the course.


            Dare to join this great network of learning in which participants learn autonomously, ideas and thoughts are shared and respected by the other participants, there is no limit on the registration and materials are available for free !.


Where to look this type of courses: MiriadaX is the greatest MOOC platform in Spanish and integrates hundreds of universities from 23 countries in Latin America. There are other initiatives of great interest, as the UniMOOC course for entrepreneurs or important MOOCs created by the Virtual Learning Center at the University of Granada. There are even a search engine to find the course that interests us in



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