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Dual Profesional Studies: study and training now is possible

Would you like to go at High School and payed training at once? The Dual Professional Studies does it possible and every time more professionals schools and enterprises choose this kind of formation

Germany exports its Professional Studies, and Spain is one of the countries where we can study this way. Besides, you have the possibility to recognize your Spanish Dual Professional Studies with the german and so, to make easier your assignation in the enterprise. In Germany, 60% of the students choose for Dual Studies and 40% for “traditional” Profesional Studies.

Growth has been very important, both vocational training institutes and companies that were interested in this new option. It is an opportunity to learn a trade and integrate into the labor market and adapting the theoretical to the real needs of the position.

It is an innovative learning method that combines training provided in schools with the practical training received by students in companies. They attends class regularly and 2-3 days a week, according to the agreement signed, you go to a company to fulfill a work day and also you perceive remuneration.

What benefits have to study this option?

By combining theory with practice training is linked to the real needs of the company. In addition, personal skills and competencies of the student as it has better contact with the reality of the job for which you are preparing.

Something very important is that these practices are paid, so while you studying, you receive money to pay the basic costs of the course. In Germany, wages vary, depending on the degree and range, between 270 € / month to 900 € / month.

And you never know, if you work in a company during your  training years, opens the possibility to integrate as part of its workforce.

How does it work in Germany?

This plan of studies, is a collaboration between the Federal States (Länder), several ministries, and professional chambers.
In Germany, the chambers system is different than the Spanish. There is a chamber for each professional guild and it regulates the needs of these guilds. For example, there is a Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Artisans, Agriculture, etc.

These chambers are responsible for "controlling" that everything works correctly. They are the ones who advise, counsel and controll the company wich are interested to include in this system of learning and also do the same with the Professional Schools where students study their course of FP Dual.

In addition, the contracts between companies and Professional Schools are registred in the chambres and where the exams that students must pass are designed. It is important to know that students have two opportunities to pass these exams, otherwise they should change careers.

Can I combine Spanish studies with German ones?

Yes, it's possible. The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Spain, advises companies which are interested in implementing the Dual Training and recognition certificates Dual FP in Germany. They also offer courses in "Training for Trainers" that certify the adequacy of the company tutors who will be responsible for the trainees.

The Dual FP is implemented in Spain irregularly depending on the community. Each Community provides its own adaptation of the Dual FP criteria.
So if you are interested in studying your next course with this mode, contact your community and who will tell you how to do it, schools are assigned, what qualifications are suitable, etc..


Published: Mon, 28/07/2014 - 09:46

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