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Online training

Internet has transformed the way we learn and look for information, offering flexibility and autonomy for our learning process.

Professional training online, either medium or upper grade, is aimed at those who can not attend schools in-person. The adults are the target of this mode of learning.

These training courses allow students to register by teaching modules. You can enroll for the modules according to your needs.

When the student is enrolled he receives a password that will allow him access to the platform. Here you will find teaching materials and you can be in touch with your teacher for having a closer relationship (by emails, forums, activities).

The modules are organized into work units, with work diagrams and evaluation questionnaires, guidelines, forums, maps, and useful links.

After each module an online exam will be performed. The teacher will send it back with corrections and punctuation.

The final evaluation has to be done in-person at the chosen Professional Training Centre. 


But what Professional Training Courses can you do from home? You can do, for example: Bakery, Pastry and Confectionery; International Trade; Guide, Tourist Information and Assistance; Sound for Audiovisual and Entertainment; Childhood Education and many many more.


You can find the full offer in the different portals of online formation of each Community.

The new Professional Training will allow you to do teaching practices and work in Europe, knowing the world of business in other countries and have a recognized qualification at the European level.

Like other kind of formation, you can find grants and scholarships, look for one!


And you know that there are, also, Vocational Olympics? They are promoted by the international WorldSkills organization to promote professional skills as part of vocational training and involved 52 countries.

Each Autonomous Community promote the participation is in these Olympics. The selected ones represent the Spain team in European and international competition.

There are no excuses to not continue learning!




Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Burgos



Publisert: Fre, 11/07/2014 - 09:48

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