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Continue the training in Spain: postgraduate studies

Continuar la formación en España. Estudios de postgrado
Continuar la formación en España. Estudios de postgrado
Once completed their university degree, foreign students could access to a postgraduate study, master or doctorate, in Spain, requesting it directly to the university where they wish to study this postgraduate.

Spain could be a good destination for all foreign students who, once completed their university degree, wish to continue their training with a postgraduate study, which could be a master or a doctorate.


If such is the case, the student is that who will request his admission to the Spanish university where he wishes to study it, attending to the centre instructions. In addition to general requirements, which are indicated below, each university might establish specific requirements for admission.


Master will have between 60 and 120 ECTS credits [es], including the final master work. Doctorate, for its part, is structured in a training period and a period of organized research, ending with the defense of a doctoral thesis. In addition, the qualification may include the mention “European doctor” if a stay has been performed abroad, if a part of the thesis has been made in other language, and if foreign experts have participated.


To access a master [en], students must have a university degree, either a Bachelor’s degree, which may have been got in a Spanish university or any other of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) [en], or a degree studied in any other country external to it.


It will be never necessary the recognition [en] of the university degree. But if it has been got outside the EHEA, the Spanish university where the postgraduate is being studied, will check if the level of the studies is equivalent to the Bachelor’s degree in Spain (without implying its recognition for any other purpose than to study the master or doctorate), and if this qualification allows the access, in the origin country, to postgraduate studies.

For its part, to access a doctorate [en], will be generally required a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, and a master qualification. However, among other exceptions, it is possible to access without the master qualification, if a minimum of 300 ECTS credits of official university studies, of which at least 60 must correspond to a master level, have been passed.

Written by Qualified Eurodesk Multiplier, León