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¿La única generación proeuropea de nacimiento?

Luis Alvarado
Luis Alvarado Martínez, born 17/08/1989 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary island, Spain. He has had the honor of being awarded the Prize "Young European of the Year 2014".

Luis Alvarado Martínez, born  17/08/1989 in Las Palmas,   Gran Canaria, Canary island, spain , He has had the honor of being awarded the Prize "Young European of the Year 2014". currently she is working at the Rockefeller Foundation in London and is Vice President of the European Youth Forum in this article think about  the young generation today the first pro European born generation and about the "intergenerational rebreathing “.
Being so passionately pro-European, I could not pass up the opportunity to do a little reflextion with Eurodesk about  the present moment in Europe, the European Union and the role that the current young generation plays in its construction and  the integration process.


It's interesting noticed how they have changed" the pieces on the board "the generation who built Europe from the ashes of the second World War as a way of ensuring long-term peace in the continent,  the same generation who lost relatives and loves ones in conflicts,both within our country and with other countries, and that really lived firsthand the massacre that brought fanaticism, extremism and nationalism on our continent It, s the same generation,  that is now the most critical to Europe and even dare to say that we would be better off without her.


It is fascinating to listen to teachers and grandparents talk about the time of the Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain and the Cold War, Hitler Mussolini and  even Franco  I find fascinating  the process in which we,  human beings,  learn from our mistakes, and in moments of total suffering,  we choose always to join and help. It is innate, Sometimes it takes more or less, but this is how the European project is born.


A project based on feelings between people of different nations who realize that violence only leads  more violence, and decide to start walking together hand in hand. But sometime we forget this suffering and these roots that brought us together at the same point. I am not talking know about my generation, that currently unknown much of European history and the role it plays in their daily lives, but also the generation of my parents,  the generation  of the new  democracy in Spain, it  has become, to my surprise, the most Eurosceptic and sometimes even anti-European. 


It could be because it is the generation that has lived possibly the European process from the beginning, very young, and also  the generation that  fewer results.and opportunities  has been experience. And so that  where comes the most curious, because thanks to this generation that acted as a transition, which built Europe with their daily work, their taxes, their cuts and crisis, my generation can say nowdadays that wer are  proud:  hat we are the first  pro-European born generationFor us, Europe is a reality, our day to day, our birthright, our playground, where we have grown as  citicens , differently from our parents and grandparents prototype.

We do not know what war is. We do not know what is being hungry. We do not know what it is unable to travel, study, work in another country. We do not know what the visa nor the walls of Berlin are. We star to understand what our elders speak about Russian with the Ukraine crisis and the mobilization of its citizens.

It has no place in our head could not talk to a loved one when we like even if he is thousands of kilometers away we do not understand  the price of non-Europe.

Thegreat  opportunity that appears before us, and we're starting to see in youth leaders, is that these same young, pro-Europeans and those who can not imagine their lives without Europe, are those who go out,  to fight for the European project of Schuman and Monnet go forward. It is the young  generation that, once empowered and when  have the information, resources and incentives, launch  to reconvince their parents and grandparents why it is worth continuing dreaming together as 28 countries.

From Brussels, fascinated by the mobilization of some youung groups facing older relatives, we started calling this "ntergenerational re-breathing “ “intergenerational re-inspiration"
It was fascinating to watch the  efforts are being made by young people to get  father, mother,  uncles aunts or grandparents,  the importance that Europe plays in our lives, to make them go back  to the past and remember what were the situations and values that joined us It is certainly one of the most beautiful things I've seen these years, and also the t lack of dialogue between generations that we suffer today. Older think , we  do not listen, we are interested in anything that we do not care.

We blocked when our older  trying to impose ways of acting in our lives. A vicious circle that never ends.

If you are young, this is your moment. You have the opportunity to enjoy the European project as anyone  before in the history. Whether the mobility ,tourism, education, employment and so on that freedoom and  security that  provides  us the European area is something  that we  must enjoy and multiply with the people around us.


At the end of the day, all of us build Europe. Be sure to bring your part. Immerse yourself fully and enjoy the motto “toguether n Diversity".



Written byr Luis Alvarado Martínez.

Sent by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Canarias

Gepubliceerd: Vr, 20/11/2015 - 10:26

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