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Spanish inspirations

In March a great Galician adventure began, Anastazja arrived to Coruña to support Ingalicia Cultural Association in their daily work.

"With seven years of experience working youth information center Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Gmin i Miast Powiatu Garwolinskiego, I decided to change the environment, take advantage of European Programme and gain more proffessional experience as youth worker in Spain." explains Anastazja .

The exchange has been made ​​possible by the Youth in Action Programme and action 4.3 Youth Workers Mobility Support  promoted by the European Commission.


The host organization, Ingalicia Cultural Association, leads various European projects and activities, in order to offer young people the opportunity to access to mobility programs in the field of culture and eductation.

"When with my organization form Poland applied for the project !nspire! I did not think at all, what it was going to bring. As the proposal was send directly to Brussels, we had to wait some weeks for the decision. For me it was clear that I wanted to go to Spain because he had always wanted to spend some time in this country and improve my Spanish".

In Ingalicia Anastazja´s work was to prepare proposals for European projects, write promotional materials and give lectures on Erasmus + programme.

Moreover, within the project !nspire! she prepared a promotional webpage dedicated to the European Mobility experience where stories of EVS volunteers and participants from various European projects are published. The page is a guide of the entities involved in EVS projects and provides more information to potential volunteers, seeking their projects.

"Professionally, that is a very positive experience. I have contact with many partner organizations from all over the Europe, talk to young people and apply for European funds to offer to young Galician people new mobility opportunities.

I really enjoy the project, not only as youth worker. In five months I spent here, I traveled, I met wonderful people, I participated in many Galician traditional „fiestas” like Feria Medieval in Coruña, Arde Lucus in Lugo, Mussels Party in Isla Arousa.  During this time I really fell in love in this corner of Spain " says Pole.

Funded by Youth in Action European Union Project.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ingalicia



Published: Mon, 29/09/2014 - 10:59

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