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The participation of youngsteers in European Projects

La participación de los jóvenes en Proyectos Europeos
La participación de los jóvenes en Proyectos Europeos
743 youngsters from Aragon have taken part in projects financed by the European Union throughout 2013

The activities which have been undertaken in Aragon are diverse and well distributed throughout the area, and the experience gained by the youngsters who have taken part is very satisfactory, not only in the development of the specific activity but also in the change of attitude to one of a more self reliant form. In many cases the participants have acquired both social and team competence.

One of the projects which created the most impact on the youngsters as well as the experts in youth themes, was the project 'Ideas laboratory'; this was arranged with three key priorities as indicated by the European Union and the Institute which are: The iniciative to achieve success; Creativitiy leading to the generation of projects; The socio-professional mobility of the youngsters.

In this programme various information products, vocational guidance and good practices for the mobility of the youngsters were considered, and a guide to resources was published, videos on youtube were edited, and on the Aragon Institute for youngsters' Channel an interview with Victor López, representative for Sargantana, an association of youngsters with experience in managing European projects, and another with Maria Lopez, an Aragonese investigator, were, among others, carried out.

Some interchange projects such as those arranged in various regions, specifically in Lower Aragon-Caspe and the region of Ribera Baja del Ebro, youngsters from The Czeck Republic, Italy and Spain took part in themes such as 'Theatre' and 'Cultural interchanges'. We can observe one of them in the Blog which they designed for disemination and collaboration.

Other projects such as 'Cane Village' can be seen on its Facebook page, which was created with the object of achieving collaborative communication and maximum diffusion of its activities. This activity was undertaken in the Pyrenees Village of Ibort, and among its objectives was to value sustainable materials and build structures with them. Countries which took part were, Georgia, Hungry, Ukraine and Spain.

The Aragonese Institute for youngsters will continue to promote and help these projects for the benefit of youngsters in our Autonomous Community.

Written by Multiplicador Cualificado Eurodesk.  Instituto Aragonés de la Juventud.


Published: Wed, 22/01/2014 - 10:44

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