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I can also take part.

También puedo tomar partido
También puedo tomar partido
It's time, finally I am 18 years old, I am on legal age!. As of now I am a citizen who has rights … but also responsabilities.

To be citizen is very important, it is neither an insignificant nor a trivial concept. I know that I use this term thanks to the ancient Greece, that 2500 years ago it established the conditions to be a citizen in a democratic system for the first time. Between which is included legal age, although only for males.  

Citizens live in cities and we have the privilege of taking part in the Government of our city.

I hardly know how is organized my town; I have to learn well about this. I know that politicians organize it through policies that they create for each matter. Both terms, politician and policy, are currently much devalued. I disagree with some laws that seem me unfair or little supportive.. Neither do I agree with the way of doing some things. If I could do something to change them, the world could improve, and the young people of my generation would have a better future.

The crisis, unemployment, corruption... are attributed to politicians because we consider that they don not correctly their job but I also know the names of men and women who fought for my rights and others who currently continue to do it.

I'm a youngster and I feel responsible for my future and responsible too of the world around me. What can I do? How can I spread the ideas that can help us to improve? Where can I set off?

Since today I am a citizen with rights and that include the privilege to participate in the Government of my city! I can also take party!

Maria’s solidarity reflections, on her 18th birthday.

The Spanish Constitution in its Preliminary Title says "Their internal structure and operation must be democratic." (article 6). And it goes on to say that “It is the responsibility of the public powers to promote conditions so that liberty and equality of the individual and the groups he joins will be real and effective; to remove those obstacles which impede or make difficult their full implementation, and to facilitate participation of all citizens in the political, economic, cultural, and social life. (art. 9.2).

Everybody can and should participate in the political life, it is an organizational need as old as the world and it is the only way to express our ideas and the way to prevent that someone can manipulate our interests. If we are satisfied with that other people speak and decide for us, we limit ourselves in our rights.

A good way to show our commitment is to become a member of a political party, but which one? We would start looking for information about its program and the values that they defend, the political projects that this political party find in order to a better society, the trust that theirs politicians instils us, etc.

If you feel close to someone, decide at what level you want to take part as membership. You can be a militant or sympathetic. The militant (as member) take on greater commitment, it has voice and vote in the election of representatives and it has the right to be elected and to collaborate on the selection of the election manifesto. The militant pay dues, the sympathetic no pay dues. Some political parties offer symbolic or special dues to students, unemployed or retired.

You decide what matters and projects are you interested on and which subject area, sector or professional specialization would like to work within policy.

In some political parties, you have as option of becoming a member of a youth section from 18 to 30 years. Generally, what ever election you select to must to be introduced by at list 2 members of the political party. It is a way of control.

Maria has the right to take part, you also.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Diputación de Córdoba

Published: Wed, 14/08/2013 - 11:55

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