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The art of participation facilitates active communication in public spaces. Almost like a game, participate in an artistic creation in public space helps the community to express themselves and understand cultural diversity.

Committed socially creative practices that try to bring public attention to close and daily problems have been taking more and more presence in recent decade artistic territory. At the same time, they also try to encourage a specific identity value and a specific socio-cultural heritage. Known as participatory or community art characterised by adding actions that take place in a public space and involve the active participation of the community to which it is addressed.


Starting from this idea, the creation process can be raised as a playful performance, almost a game, that generates participation, inclusion, communication, exchange, coexistence and reflection from a shared experience (interdisciplinary or not): theater and musical, performances, audiovisual and photographic projects, flash mob, designing collective murals and graffiti. Such a different disciplines that have in common the generation of social ties and a collective creative work.


It is a field where youth participation is very active, in fact it uses a language which the young population dominates and is identified with. It is full of symbolism and interacts easily with the technologies of communication.


This is the basis of many artistic projects promoted by the Erasmus action key 1 (KA1 mobility: youth exchanges) where, apart from the artistic and physical work (result of the partnership between young people from different backgrounds), the main objective is not immaterial: allow participants who are involved in to have voice.


Nava (Asturias-España) lived this experience recently with a youth exchange called Heart4Art. Young people from different backgrounds took part in a multicultural art project urban with Xchange (Scotland), CBB (Belgium), Allianssi (Finland), Sfera (Russia) and De Amicitia (Spain) organizations.


Eighteen teenagers with more or less artistic ability and training varied, from graduates in fine arts or the graphic design professionals, to cases without full training or even at risk of social exclusion. The Group joined other young people who contributed their creativity to the project, even adolescents without artistic experience belonging to the Group of participation of the service of youth of the City Council of Nava, who collaborated on production tasks.


The main objective of the experience was to explore talents and share ideas about cultural diversity through the mural art and graffiti, exchanging skills and knowledge in a non-formal context.


Proposed by the City Council, has acted in the so-called Plaza of the Najosa, an indoor built in 2010 for multi-purpose activities (sports ground, skateboard area, markets, concerts...) A large dimension facility made of concrete whose design has always been challenged by citizenship and who had suffered some acts of vandalism.


What was the result? A mural intervention planned, designed and carried out in just a week, whose subject highlights elements of cultural and scenic environment from their vision and particular printing thus converted into pictorial "voice" on the wall.


But there are even more. It is an ephemeral artistic expression subject to the action of the time, balls against the wall, other "graffiti"... An impossible conservation work but very documented and disseminated in an infinite number of photos through social networks.


Heart4Art is an example of participatory project that claimed public space not only by what is, scene of daily life, but also as support recovering the communication of all with all.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Comarca de la Sidra

Published: Mon, 07/11/2016 - 13:58

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