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No hate campaign

In order to discuss and operate in defence of Human Rights and fight against whatever form of intolerance on the internet, the Council of Europe has put in motion the European Campaign “No Hate Speech”.

In Spain, The Youth Institute, INJUVE, is the organization charged with the development of this campaign, which will last until December 2014; for the development of this campaign.
INJUVE is counting on the collaboration of the Spanish Youth Council (CJE) and the organisation Movement against intolerance, for its involvement and experience in this type of initiative and the participation of social organisations, public bodies, youth associations, educational centres, youth information centres, professionals who work with youngsters as well as individual youngsters and others who are not youngsters but who can join up and act against intolerance or whatever form of discrimination against people.

The campaign, based on the teaching and spreading of Human Rights, the participation of youngsters and teaching of digital literacy, sets out to fight against intolerance and the incitement of online hate in all its forms, including what most affects youngsters, such as the different forms of cyber bullying.

Among its objectives is to address and foster the awareness of expressions of intolerance and hate on the Internet and the risks that this poses for democracy. It endeavours to implicate youngsters in order that they fight for Human Rights (DDHH) in Internet and endow them with the means and knowledge and for this courses and seminars directed at youngsters and mediators have been organised.

Furthermore it seeks to plead for consensus among the European political bodies the need to fight against incitement and intolerance and hate on the Internet. To motivate the participation of citizens in general.

From the web, a person can adhere, solicit information or send suggestions about this European campaign against intolerance on the internet, NO HATE SPEECH.

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Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Instituto Aragonés de Juventud



Published: Thu, 18/09/2014 - 11:08

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