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Interactive series, a new way of expressing and participating

It is time not only to watch series in front of TV. New formats that make us also protagonists of the same. Are the Interactive Series, get ready for them

Interactive series, a new way of expressing and participating

It is becoming more complicated that we can be surprised by the audiovisual products in TV, Cinema or INTERNET. It seems that everything was already invented and television channels as well as companies producing and marketing products have no capacity to give a chance to this situation.

At present, a new model of television series is taking a lot of importance not only the protagonists who act in it, but the people who follow it can influence the events that happens in them.

This idea, really new in the format is not new in our society. Already for some time there have been the "Gamebook", which were books based on stories with different plots and outcomes depending on the choices made by people who read it to continue in one way or another. For lack of another better name, are called Interactive Series. There is a fundamental difference between books, and TV series, where in a book all the possible plots and outcomes are predetermined, in the series this depends more on the participation of the audience in the development of each episode.

Is a format adapted to all ages, but it is among the youth where it is gaining more followers. In fact, some of these series such as "Skam" (Norway), "IP-La Serie" (Spain) and the new production of RTVE "Si fueras tu" are about young people and are based on stories close to or related to Youth.

This new format is adapted to how we relate to our social networks. The videos of the series are uploaded on INTERNET as they occur. What's more, the same characters can have social networks to follow them with the idea that you can follow the series at any time, because at least you expect something can happen and not necessarily in the chapter of the week. We can be present in conversations between characters in their profiles of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat ...

The interesting thing about this audiovisual format is that people stop being only passive subjects to become part of the story and have real influence on the events that the series narrates. It may require a greater effort to follow it than a show thought to enjoy with a pack of popcorn, but for those people who are looking for something different and more participatory this type of series is the one that can offer a feeling closer to reality.

Several platforms on INTERNET are already producing new content of this type, so it is only a matter of time before this new format becomes more visible and we will become accustomed not only to see what they put us ahead, we will be, if we want, protagonists of our favorite series.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Mairena del Aljarafe

Published: Mon, 02/10/2017 - 13:52

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