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A Rede Imaxinaria, an alternative network for cultural organisations and initiatives in Galicia

During the last years, new associations and initiatives have appeared in our country, many of them based on alternative funding systems, trying to avoid dependence on grants and on cultural institutions.

Some of the reasons that explain why the creators and artists are developing new ways for cultural expression are, among others, the decline in the number of grants, the creative limitations that the cultural market offers, or the high taxation of the cultural sector in Galicia.


This is the origin of A Rede Imaxinaria, an initiative which includes several cultural organisations of Galicia and North Portugal, and which has allowed to many artists to find a platform for disseminating their work and reach a bigger number of persons. Many organisations from different parts of Galicia participate in this networks, as for example La Casa Colorida in Nigrán, a self-managed, open and horizontal space, created from the union of different organisations of the region, which main aim is to facilitate the social cohesion and to promote educational and cultural activities. Another example of this partnership in the network is Al-Ga Lab, a cultural experimentation lab, founded in 2008, which develops activities in different topics, as ecology or digital production, among others.


The network consists of great diversity of artistic areas, including social movements as ecologism and political activism. The members of this network have achieved certain sustainability and new opportunities for developing new activities and productions that won’t have other possibilities for being disseminated, thanks to the recovering of empty or donated spaces, the self-investment, the crowd-funding, the reduced number of intermediaries and the direct relation with customers or users, as well as the cooperation among organisations. These initiatives become also opportunities for young creators and entrepreneurs, an open and free space where they can develop their artistic interests and their first works.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Abertal

Published: Thu, 05/11/2015 - 14:09

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