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Multiculturalism in Spain

Spain for more than two decades has been the scene of intercultural relations between people from South America, Eastern Europe and North Africa mostly. Asia hasn’t been less and has also participated in giving color to the palette of multiculturalism.

Often we confuse the words multiculturalism to interculturalism. The first relates to the coexistence or "living" in one particular physical territory of various cultures (racial, ethnic, countries, etc.) and usually remains coexistence for a long time. And multiculturalism is a process of communication between people with different cultures. They do not allow a culture with its particularities imposed on others but live together in respect and can be given in a timely manner.

In our country we talk about multiculturalism as a policy phenomen variety of beliefs and educational processes, which emerged almost without realizing it and befallen with the boom in the construction sector in the late 90s, this phenomenon has brought multitude of benefits to people because they have been taught to be tolerant, to take the place of promo and have learned and known other music, other food and all that, almost without leaving your neighborhood.

With it came the figure of a social mediator intercultural agent. A professional also referred to as "frontier worker" among its functions is to be the link between different intercultural  Multiculturalism is ultimately a complex scenario in which politics, the economy and foster joint migration tools and technical processes to analyze, understand and interpret data about social situations in order to carry out intervention policies.

Most Spanish towns and cities already have agents "socializing" who spend effort and technical resources (talks at schools, food fairs and music festivals, etc.) to improve this coexistence. And luckily for all, it is no longer seen as something strange that comes from another country or who have different facial features to ours. But it rather looks like the diverse and no different.

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Alaquás

Gepubliceerd: Do, 18/06/2015 - 11:57

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