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"Running", the future of Ethiopian youth

Solidarity, strength or overcoming are the main values of ethiopian athletes, the best of the world. Abay Association defends the same values to help improve Ethiopian´s lives.

Bikila, Gebreselassie and Bekele, more recently, are Ethiopian runners who have distinguished themselves in the history of World Athletics. Bekele comes from the Highlands of Ethiopia, where have been some of the best riders from long distance in the world. Mr. Pitsiladis, professor, researcher, contributor to the World Anti-Doping Agency as well as expert in the Addis Abeba University Athletics confirms it: "The athletes of the Rift Valley are the best, unmatched in background tests". Not in vain, if we make a world list with the fastest marathoners in history, the first 50 are Kenyans or Ethiopians. But how to explain that fact in a developing country whose only livelyhood is based on farming and harvesting, provide these "machines of nature".


Pitsiladis explains, in exaggerated form, thus: "If in an Ethiopian or Kenyan newspaper publish an advertisement offering one million dollars to the first person that fell two hours in the marathon, so thousands of people launched to try and arising amount the phenomenon would suffice". The reality is that, in Ethiopia, athletics is one of the most popular sports. All children want to be like theirs idols, proof of strength and willpower of the Ethiopian people, that also when they are young may enable them the opportunity to live a better life in their country or beyond its borders, migrating to other countries in the world. But that this fact does not make us think clearly that young people only choose to practice running to exile, but actually carry it in the genes, in the blood, in their personalities.


For this reason, there are numerous institutions that make these Ethiopian capabilities of solidarity, strength or overcoming flag and who work daily in the promotion, cooperation and human development of this town. For example, the Abay Association works since 2008 in the development of this country in several key areas. The area where the main projects of Abay are implanted is commonly known under the name of Bacho and includes the kebele's reluctant Gaba in Walmara district. Only accessible during the dry season, thanks to Abay, nearly 23,000 people who inhabit this area, already have a primary school or health centre but have no light or telephone between other first necessities.


"In Real Time Race" by Abay


Abay, in its mood of promoting those values of solidarity and development has created an initiative this year that has continuity for March 2015. It's the career "In Real Time". It is an event running whose objective is, thanks to what is collected, finance the sports project and leisure for Walmara youth can continue to enjoy healthy activities, and quality at the same time continue to improve the sports facilities. This is possible through the organization of a solidarity race of 10 kilometers, whose development is being conducted simultaneously in Walmara (Ethiopia) and in different parts of the world, with the presence of great athletes.


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