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The Galician Language – The link between Spanish and Portuguese

Galician is a Romance language born around the ninth century with a base of various Celtic talks. In the Middle Ages, Galician was a linguistic unit with Portuguese, with sister languages ​​in origin.

The development of the Galician language, for socio-political reasons, was more influenced by Spanish than by Portuguese. Since 1983, when the Law for Linguistic Normalization was approved, the process for recovering and reinstating the Galician language in Galicia started pushing forward and the public and official institutions adopted it, increasing the use of Galician in public life, education and other social areas. Today it is the most widely used language among the population of Galicia, more than 88% habitually speak it and 94% understand it (about 2 and a half million people in total).

Since the Spanish Constitution was approved and Galicia won its autonomy, the Galician is the official language in Galicia, together with Spanish, and it has a great spread on a social and literary level, but also in education, from basic levels to highest. The three Galician universities (A Coruña, Santiago and Vigo) offer studies in Galician at a higher level, there's a degree about the language and its literature.


At any rate, anyone can learn Galician in Spain or anywhere all over the world if you have an internet connection. It is possible listening to the radio or watch Galician Television, read the digital press or Galician literature at the Galician Virtual Library. There is also universal literature translated in to Galician or virtual lessons in the comfort of your own home.

And if this is not enough… you can learn more about Galician here, or check the linguistic features  and vocabulary.


To enjoy this and more, you can join on the 17th of May, which is the Day of Galician Letters and represents a tribute for the writers of Galician literature. This day was instituted in 1963 by the Royal Galician Academy to honor writers who used Galician in their literary works. In 1863, 17th of May was the day when the first issue of ´Galician Songs´by Rosalía de Castro was published in Vigo.

Written by Ariadna Navarro and Loredana Vlaicu, Qualified multiplier EuroDesk de Vigo

Published: Tue, 25/02/2014 - 13:31

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