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Cultural Diversity in Schools.

Often we find a great cultural diversity in the Schools, and wonder in a more formal setting such as school how this theme works from early childhood?

In the recent years, one of the challenges has been how to focus on cultural diversity in schools. In all sizes of cities, the number of people from other countries has increased during the last years and this has made it possible for us to interact, work with and experience different cultural traditions, customs, social space etc.
It is said that the best way to handle the situation is to create a good atmosphere in the schools according to politics, resources etc. But one of the most important factors is the training and tools available for the teachers in their daily work.
The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has created the CREADE (Resource center care cultural diversity in Education) which is created because of the need of professional educational resources to deal with cultural diversity challenges.

It has a very interesting section where you can find information about the education system in other countries/cultures in Europe and worldwide and reports on the state of educations.

What every education bill proposes is that people get along and have the opportunity to get prepared for the future.  Investment in education affects the labor situation in a country, the OECD report on education says that countries that have invested more in training are those with the best benefits in the areas of employment and higher quality of team work. With this as a reality, it becomes clear how important it is to work with intercultural and multicultural issues especially in our education system.


The increase of international students has meant that teachers have had to train and complete their training in this area and have had to incorporate new skills to be able to recognize and support the different needs of these students. In the internet we can find different resources to use in these situations from different associations and NGO´s as INTERMON – OXFAM, agencies like UNESCO, sites like DIVERSIANDO and one of our favorites is CUADERNO INTERCULTURAL.

Education is everyone´s job and the school plays an important part as it can and should be the backbone of the family, media, society, neighborhood, recreation, leisure spaces etc. This means that it is important that the school opens its door to everything/everyone and make sure to communicate with family and social agents.


Written by Qualified Multiplier Eurodesk, Asociación Juvenil Abertal.

Paskelbta: P, 16/12/2013 - 14:46

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