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Our language, Valenciano

Nuestra lengua, el Valenciano
Nuestra lengua, el Valenciano
The Valencian is the language of the Valencian Community. In this article you can find information about this language and interesting links.

The Spanish Constitution adopted in 1978, recognizes three official languages ​​other than Spanish or Castellano. These are: Galician, Basque and Catalan. The latter derives from the historic Crown of Aragon and is used in what today is Catalonia. However, this language in other dialects derived product of historical tradition or popular use current legislation such as the Majorcan or Valenciano. In this dialect, Valencian, we will devote a few lines in this article so generous.

The Valencian as "language of the Valencian" is used in all that constitutes the Valencian Region comprising three provinces that are the province of Castellón north, the province of Valencia as the capital of the region and with more people and south of Alicante province. In this size is the use of Valencian that for many decades there Valencian Language Academy that its functions "ensures the normal use of Catalan and defend their name and state." As a living language, Valencian varies throughout the territory on the basis of the isolation of its people and the relationship between the speakers.

Historically, the Valencian language or a dialect or language has been in conflict with their geographical surroundings as some make it their own and others as a variant of Catalan. And what is clear and so says the Statute of Autonomy, is that Valencian is to be used in institutional terms without having the character of exclusion. It is also true that the Valencian Academy of Language, is supported by public funds of one's autonomy and trying to appease who pays. Avoiding ridicule in the Autonomous Community itself and other international entities.

The Valencian as a variant of Catalan is very intuitive and root close to French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. So to understand the issuer is relatively easy if you listen first.
Some resources to learn and improve this language are:







Diccionaris de valencià en línia

Optimot.Consultes lingüistiques


Automatic translators




Grammar and linguistic criteria

Gramática normativa valenciana


Guía de usos lingüísticos. Aspectos gramaticales

Diccionario ortográfico y de pronunciación del valenciano. (AVL)


These are just a selection of resources for learning the Valencian you can find online. On the Internet there are countless more resources.

Written by Qualified Multiplier Eurodesk, Ayuntamiento de Alaquás.

Gepubliceerd: Di, 19/11/2013 - 11:26

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