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The power of Social Networks

Do you need a social network to communicate yourself?

It is proven that social networks are affecting your happiness but wait, in a negative way.

Have you stopped to think why you publish in Instagram? What do you want to say about yourself? Do you think the images you find there represent the happiness of the person who publishes them? Are you aware that all your selfies are all the same?



We live stuck 24 hours to our Smartphone and in the moment that  we get up we need to connect ourselves. Does It happens to you? Keep reading. There are many people that beeing permanently connected affects them psychologically and this is due to a misuse of our Smartphones. Many part of the world is hooked on the false need to live connected to it continually. This situation causes in our organism restlessness, psychic alterations and even lack of concentration. It also disturbs our joy and with it our daily life.


The most affected sector undoubtedly, since they are at a stage where addictions are at the forefront of the skin, are youngsters, because they haven’t  learned yet to regulate their emotions and because of this, they may appear symptoms such as the inability to move away from the mobile or inattention. Do we know how many digital windows we open in a day? You may not be able to count it even with your two hands.


Because it’s in the order of the day and is almost inevitable the management of social networks, we should learn to make a good use of these:


- Give us a fair time to use

- Organize our free time (obviating electronic devices)

- Being able to enjoy anything without the that the rest of world knows what we are doing…Without using social networks.

- Give us a technology holiday ... disconnect us


There are already detox programs of social networks and even urban tribes like "Disconnected", which are abandoning the internet to embrace real life.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Silla

Image "Designed by Freepik"

Published: Mon, 02/10/2017 - 09:01

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