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Technology and need, the chicken or the egg?

Enrique Jerez
Technology is the set of technical knowledge that allows designing and creating goods and services that facilitate adaptation to the environment and satisfying both the essential needs and desires of humanity

However, technology is much more. What comes first, the need or the invention?


Perhaps this question sounds weird at first, but stop for a second and think about it. Is it necessary all the technology that surrounds us? Was there a clear need to invent and conceive all these technological gadgets? Or is that, perhaps, they were invented first and the need was created afterwards?


Think in social networks, for example. Are they necessary? Social networks have existed since the world began: the plaza, the school, a bar… any place where people get together can be seen as a social network. If Mark Zuckerberg had not created Facebook, would we need it? Perhaps someone else would have invented it?


Leaving aside any polemics that this technology might cause, the concept of social network has not always been the same, as well as the concept of technology; they have changed with the times. From the first weapons used by men since the dawn of humanity to the latest Smartphone, all are technology.

But let’s focus on the modern technology. Terms like gigabyte, terabyte, Wifi or Bluetooth are daily words for us. What would our lives be without these tools?

Perhaps this big evolution will comes from big IT corporations such as Google. Google goes beyond that; it has hundreds of departments oriented to research the strangest things that have little or nothing to do with the IT field… or maybe does? For example, did you know Google has a director, Raymond Kuzweil, who claims that human mind will be immortal by the year 2045?

Since the beginning of time, every technological revolution has changed the perception of reality, and each time it was said “everything that can be invented has been already invented”. This phrase was said 500 years ago and life has changed a lot since then.

Curiously people still say “everything is already invented”. What about you? Do you think everything is invented? Which will be the next step in our technological evolution?

Enrique Jerez


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Published: Thu, 17/07/2014 - 13:05

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