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Start your journey with the "APPS"

Comienza tu viaje  con las “ APPS”
Comienza tu viaje con las “ APPS”
Tickets, lodging, tickets, maps ... all in our tablet or our Smartphone.

Times change, we are in the technological age in which we can access to a lot of things, with just one "click", but now we get further, we have everything we need in our tablet or our Smartphone.

The digital is trendy and gives facilities to prepare for our journey through our tablet or smart-phone. There are numerous "APPS" to do so, and depending on the operating system you have, we can download one or another. Travel agencies or tourism agencies gives us the possibility through these applications so that we can select our trip, pay and even download the booking confirmation to check into the hostel, hotel .. etc. they also give us the possibility to choose destination if we are a little hesitant. (There are several agencies that have these APPS) One of the best known is the travel guide "TripAdvisor", where you can leave comments and view comments other users who have traveled to the destination you are re interested in, as well as to make reservations ..

Other interesting applications, are offered by  the companies in which we can see in real time what are the means of transport available to us, lines and fares for traveling and waiting time at terminals, stations or airports.
 Museums or places we like to visit when we get to a city, now we can get a ticket also from these "APPS". We can select the entry, buy it and even save it on our phone and check our entry.

The maps and GPS guides are very useful applications which teach us and guide us to the place we want to go, avoiding to carry a map or any guides in hand. One of the most commonly used is "google maps".

There are also applications which store and centralize all your boarding passes, movie tickets, museum tickets .., in a single "APPS" with which you can check when arriving at the site, without needing to bring your ticket or tickets printed occupying place, or loosing these. As the famous "Passbook" Apple.

Apart from the most essential to organize your trip, there are special social networks for travelers, such as "foursquare" which is very useful, because its large database in georeference  you and gives you detailed information about the premises near your position, and where you can make notes about the treatment, quality, cleaning .., of the place you visit.
Here is a list of "APPS" that will be useful to start your trip:

Social network for travelers: Kayaking, Tourist Eye, Foursquare.
Travel Guides: TripAdvisor, Time Out
Transportation Reservations: Skyscanner, Renfe, Iberia, Vueling, Alsa.
Navigation and geo - location: Google Maps, Aurond me.If you have a smartphone or tablet, it is always important take a look at all the "Apps" and see what we are interested to download to begin the journey to make everything much easier, so we invite you to share, dream, book , travel, visit, and get your hopes for Europe.

Written by Qualified Multiplier Eurodesk, Ayuntamiento  Santa Cruz de la Zarza.

Published: Mon, 18/11/2013 - 10:16

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