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Concerts: where do I start?

Me voy de conciertos: ¿por dónde empiezo?
Me voy de conciertos: ¿por dónde empiezo?
To start to say that it is part of what is cultural tourism. Music always has been in the hands of the tourism but it is until little that has become a new reason for travel.

In Spain we can enjoy variety of music festivals that occur throughout the spring and autumn mainly.
But before you leave, find out which aspects are important to take into meant, as for example is the route that most interests you and some safety precautions to go quiet and embark on the adventure with a minimum of conditions.
If we talk about security, the better... common sense.
This will allow you to save much time and avoid you unnecessary worries.
Today travel independent is very easy because by internet you have a quantity of information.

Of course, the way of organizing it will depend on the character of each and the way of travel that has much, but leave the less improvisation, much better don't you think?

• The first thing we will do is to well planning our trip: what is going to cost, it is clear that we will have before decided how many days are going to be, manage our money; do I go only or friends?, which transportation I use; do on the health issue, I have my European health insurance card?, young, Youth Hostel card, you save a coin with them.

• think about what time of year want to go: learn of the cities to which you go, climate, transportation, budget accommodation, ultimately it is only learn about customs and something of the culture of the area that you are going to be, will help you to get better. Do where get that information?... because for example of the offices of tourism, internet, guides young tourists, etc and why not?... also the social network Twitter, Facebook, friends who have already gone may also advise you.

• Purchase tickets in advance in season concerts can stay without tickets.

• And now, I need to take me in my backpack? If you are a backpacker thinks that you you must do miles with it so it should be as light as possible, a small bag in which you will keep things necessary, so won't have to go searching them after all the backpack. Do not take anything that is irreplaceable, photocopy your documents before you leave and always reachable originals, distribuyelos by several pockets, as well as the money and not forget drugs, so if you need them on a regular basis, such as occasional.

List of links to discover and practice tourism:
In this website you will find throughout Spain tourist offices:

And here Web sites of interest about the routes of concerts in Spain:
1.-  http:www.routedesfestivals.comliste-des-festivals-pour-espagne-5.html: Here you will find all the festivals of the year 2013 of Spain.
2.-  http:moosic.es201302guia-definitiva-de-festivales: this site internet could find all the festivals of the year 2013 with a description that is very interesting, including the price, the playlist, dates and the exact site. Highly recommended.
      With respect to the concerts, we offer three sites that include concerts by date, genre and popularity, allowing you to discover a part of Spanish culture that attracts the world's people in song:
http:www.entradasyconciertos.comconciertos2013 which is a comprehensive site with a schedule of all the great artists who move in concert in Spain during the year 2013.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Proyecto Melilla


Published: Wed, 11/09/2013 - 11:56

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